Saturday, 7 December 2013

Gig business!

Hello to you lovely people! How are we all?

Today I popped down to Ventnor - a lovely little town on the Island, where I met with my friend Vic to chat to some people about some gigs!

We visited a lovely church and a really cool arts club (I'll write more about them when the gigs are definitely confirmed) and it looks like I'll be playing in both places February/March(ish) in the new year. Exciting stuff. :)

Here's a picture I took inside the church. It's rather pretty there...

I will be playing there with the lovely Emily Scotcher which I'm rather excited about! We did a gig together at Brading Roman Villa once and it was good fun.

In other news I'm currently applying for jobs whilst keeping up with my music and volunteering at the school. :) I'd like a day job so I can support myself and then be able to gig and create music in the evenings. I need the stability!

I'm thinking of doing a cover of this song for YouTube soon (when I get rid of my cold/bunged up nose!) - what do you reckon? I'll have to get on the motorbike. ;)

Lots of love xxxxx

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Somewhere Only We Know

Greetings, lovely people of the blogosphere!

I hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas. ;) We'll be putting up our decorations soon I think! Have you got an advent calendar? I haven't yet...though this means that when I do get one I'll be able to eat lots of chocolate at once! (Hurrah!)

Though actually I'm trying to get fit at the moment. Yesterday I played an hour of badminton with my Dad, and then did a gig in the evening. Today I woke up feeling SO achey! Lol. Just shows how unfit I am at the moment. That's going to change though - I played badminton at a club before, but stopped because of Uni, so I've got no excuse now!

The other day I did a little video for a John Lewis competition. :) John Lewis do some lovely Christmas adverts - this is the current one...

And the competition winner gets their version of 'Somewhere Only We Know' replaced with the current version (by Lily Allen) on Christmas Day! A rather cool prize!

This is my entry:

I love the song - it's originally by Keane (who are judging the competition! Pretty cool.).

Anyway, TTFN, and I hope you are all well and happy. :)

Sending lots of love xoxoxoxox