Thursday, 12 September 2013

A letter for Andrew :)

Hello everyone!

I'm currently waiting on the manufacturing company to send me artwork proofs, and then if they're ok they'll start making the CDs! We're in the final stages now, but it seems to be taking forever! Ah well.

In the meantime I'm writing new music and trying to finish half-finished songs! Here's a little song I wrote the other day for my friend Andrew. :) This one's pretty folky, and I really enjoyed recording it actually. I didn't use any MIDI instruments (fake strings or whatever) - just acoustic instruments, so I got out my appalachian dulcimer, guitar (nylon and steel string) and clarinet. I hadn't played my clarinet in ages, but it reminded me how much I enjoyed playing it. I think it blended quite well with the other instruments, so will probably be using it again in the future. :)

Now I'm going to try to finish a very Enya-ish track! It'll be interesting to see what people make of it. It's pretty obviously inspired by her! But I kind of thought...Enya is the ONLY person who makes that sound, and in my opinion, there needs to be more of it out there! The layered vocals/orchestral/synth backing is almost a genre in itself. Like she said when asked which genre her music fits into, it's just 'Enya'. So I'm going to try to write a song in the Enya genre! Lol.

I'll keep you updated about the CD, but hopefully it won't be too long now.

TTFN, hope you're all groovy. :)

Holly xxx