Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The EP Collection

Hello lovely people!

I am back to explain the path I've decided to take with my next release.

Rather than making one thirteen (ish) track album I'm going to be making a collection of four five-track EPs. :) I found that I was missing songs off because I felt they didn't really fit in properly with the style of the other songs. So I am now putting them into smaller groups with other songs I feel they work well with.

The first EP is going to be called 'Waiting For Time' and will contain...

1. Let The Fairytale Commence
2. Serendipity
3. You & I
4. The Upper Hand
5. Waiting For Time

I've recorded these five, and yesterday morning I sent them off to Abbey Road (ooh!) to be mastered, and in the evening I got them back, all lovely and polished. :D Now I have to sort out a few technicalities whilst creating the booklet artwork, then I'll be sending EP1 off to the manufacturers! Exciting stuff! When I've sent them off I'll be taking pre-orders through my website. :)

Right, back to work!

Speak soon. xxxx


yizhivika said...

Sounds like an excellent plan to me, Holly; I like the idea of a quartet of EP CDs, with the songs sorted into coherent groupings :). No doubt, in time, your fans will have their favourite EP amongst the four (and, incidentally, I also look forward to comparing the cover artwork on each of them ;). Anyway, good luck with the project, and I look forward to receiving ‘Waiting for Time’ in the post in due course...:) x

yes-man, not said...

Maybe I'm not the only curious one (just curious):

Why do you release your music on physical media (/only) and have you ever considered putting it up on, say, Bandcamp, where you could reach more people with less effort, including the chance to have a "hit" (I'm not familiar with the downsides of Bandcamp et al. which may and probably do exist)?

Larry said...

Awesome! I am excited to see this.

mercury said...

Mir geht's wie Larry und vielen anderen.