Sunday, 25 August 2013


Hello everyone!

Yesterday I played at a lovely little festival called POSTFEST, which raises money for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice on the Isle of Wight.
There was such a lovely atmosphere and everyone was so friendly. I had a great time chatting to people afterwards and enjoying the music. Here are a couple of pictures from the day.

(Taken by Donna Woodward Taylor)

Mid song! (Wearing my Tanita Tikaram t-shirt :))

Chatting with my lovely friend Emily Scotcher :)

Re: the EP, I'm still waiting to receive my barcode number so I can get on and send it off to the manufacturers! When I've sent it off I'll be taking pre-orders. :) (Oooooh!)

I hope you're all groovy.

Lots and lots of love xxxxx


Tony said...

Looks like you had a great time Holly. Festivals, especially the smaller ones, can be a fantastic place to just chill and let the groove take you along.
Ha ha, it looks like your friend is a wee bit camera shy.

mercury said...

Donna made some really good pics. Is there any video of your performance? Would have liked to see you live on stage.
Still being under the impression of the Isle of Wight experiences, I'm now in my beloved 'Woods'. Hopefully the weather will improve over here and your barcode will show up over there.

yizhivika said...

That t-shirt takes me back to a certain gig at The Union Chapel in late-ish 2011, Holly :). A's battery-drained camera, and the couple of photos I took of you and Tanita together which didn't quite come out as intended ;). It's a pity your sister wasn't there with a camera that evening; I'm sure she'd've done justice to the occasion :). From what I've seen of Donna's photography so far, she has a real talent for it, and I particularly like the side-lit natural window light shot of you in a black top recently posted on FB :). Glad to hear the POSTFEST gig went well, and I look forward to seeing you performing on the mainland again sometime...or if you ever do a gig in Ryde on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I may even nip over from Southsea to be there ;) x

mercury said...

Oh dear! Bandzoogle only left a skeleton of your poetry site. Crop damage as far as the eye can reach.

Em Scotcher said...

I've just stumbled across this! Me, hiding from a camera? What's wrong with this picture! ;-)
See you soon, I'm sure! :-) x