Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Digital release...

Hello lovely people!

A few people have asked me about why I haven't put my songs on iTunes, so I thought I'd do a little post about it.

I originally didn't put 'A Woman You Don't Know' on iTunes because of the song 'Poetry'. Within the song there is a lyric, 'moon wrapped in brown paper' - a direct quote from a poem by Carol-Ann Duffy. I didn't think this would be an issue, the quote being so short, but I thought I ought to check it was actually ok to include it in the song before setting about distributing the album. I wrote to Carol-Ann Duffy's publishing company and they allowed me permission to use the line as long as I only produced 1000 physical copies of the CD. - Their permission did not cover downloads. So I decided not to put the album up on iTunes.

Recently I've come to realise that I should've just put the album up without the problem track! Duh. But then I had to research the best way of getting it on to iTunes, and I'd had good and bad reviews from friends about all the sites I'd considered using. So it was just a bit of a pain in the bottom. Each aggregator company requires payment in some form, whether it's an annual subscription to keep the album on iTunes or a percentage whenever a track is sold.

However, I've now just gone for it and used a company called Ditto Music to put my first album (A Woman You Don't Know) on to iTunes and Amazon (as digital downloads). Apparently it takes between 24 and 72 hours to show up on iTunes, so hopefully I'll be able to provide a link soon.

If all goes well I'll be using these guys to release my EPs too. :) Fingers crossed it all goes to plan!

I've been working solidly the past few days so tonight I'm going to treat myself to a night down the town with my lovely sister and her lovely boyfriend. :) I need to get out a bit more or I'll become a reclusive hippy hermit. Or a crazy cat lady. I'm definitely already on my way.

TTFN lovelies. xxx

What I'm listening to at the moment:

I wish I'd written this song! Though it would be pretty tricky having not met anyone like this. :P Yet. :)

Also, I love Emeli Sandé. What a talented lady, strong and individual - everything I admire.

P.S - I just noticed that at the very beginning her sleeves are turned back, then as she begins to play...TADAAAA! Magic. ;)


Larry said...

Wow. Sounds like you are really busy which is not really a surprise at all. Best wishes with all of it. The 'sister' comment took me by surprise. It is true that I been been 'offline' way too much for a few years though due to circumstances I cannot control and have lost most contact with my old friends. Sending a prayer your way for divine guidance and help. :)

Larry said...

Guess I have those 'old man' ears to go along with the eyes and had to look up the lyrics. They are a bit strange to me in some way. To me, many of your song's lyrics are more powerful but, that is just me.

If others would like to see the lyrics, go here:

xenonrush said...

Like the new look for the website. You should have changed the line to "macaroon wrapped in rice paper" then it would have been your poetry unless of course Mary Berry had it in one of her books.

mercury said...

What a brightness! I love the new design of your blog.

Tony said...

When you say you're "busy", then I see all the stuff you are juggling at the mo, I get a cute pic of someone covered in jam whacking a bee hive with a wasps nest...

I could only find one track by you on Amazon so far, and nothing yet on itunes, but I am sort of patient lol
I like the idea of breaking your songs into EP format. It will be a lot easier to theme them.
On a side note, do you recieve more from sales direct from your website, or is it the same if ordered through Amazon or itunes? I can appreciate you will reach a wider audience that way but if it is more benefit to you financially then I will just continue to buy direct from your site...

Hugs n happies Holly...oh what loverly alliteration :p

David Ruben said...

Tony, if I have understood Holly correctly, she has only signed up for digital downloads, not for them to distribute physical CDs. If one wants the pleasure of owning a tangible object with lovely artwork, then still will need order through the website ?

Tony said...

Hi David,
Yes, I see what you mean. Sounds like website is the way to go, thanks.

H said...

Hello lovely people! Thank you for your comments. With regard to the CD/downloads - I'm actually going to change the way I make my physical CD sales as I don't think Bandzoogle offer the most intuitive service anymore. It means that the new place I'm doing it will be taking a cut, but I was losing a lot of money on postage before. The other day I tried to buy my own CD on Bandzoogle to test out the service and found it a bit weird. :/ When I release the EPs I'll be doing it through Bandcamp, but it will still be reached by clicking 'Holly's Shop' on my main website. As for iTunes and Amazon, they're now up! :D Well, the debut album (2010) is. Thank you for your comments. :) x

the bad, all-negative guy said...

Thanks for the clarification, Holly!

Well... so instead of one thing to bang my head against the wall for, I'm now left with several. But I won't bother you with those, as most of them are of a more general nature and don't concern you specifically, and the rest are too personal. :-O

What's wrong with being a reclusive hermit anyway? ;)
And I don't see you turning into a hippie.