Saturday, 17 August 2013

All I Want

Hello to you :)

Today I did this cover video of a song by Kodaline - called 'All I Want'.

I hope you like it. xxx


Larry said...


yizhivika said...

Very different to Joni's song of the same name on 'Blue'...but like it I do nonetheless... :) x

mercury said...

It's far better than the original. But it's so intense, that I have to be in a stable condition to bear the vigour. Holly, you did a good job.

Tony said...

This is you at your very best Holly. Just you and a guitar, singing a song of love and loss, the emotion throbbing in your voice. WOW!

On a side note, I love the black nail polish. I could totally see you as a Goth, a long white lacy dress, black gauze shawl, long black boots and maybe a purple streak in the hair!! :)

Hugs n stuff

bad neg guy said...

Me remembers a time when these lyrics would have appealed to me muchly. Today me thinks they are just.... - oh well. Me hopes everyone comes to realize the numerous defective thought patterns in there one day.

There ist still some hope left that the t-shirt is meant to add a sense of irony to it all; that would be funny, uplifting. (Me would love to see the whole design or find the picture somewhere on the web.)

xenonrush said...

You were so wrapped up with the emotion there you forgot your trade make wink. T-shirt looks like fun. How about a picture of the two little chaps on the front. :)