Monday, 24 June 2013


Hello to you, to you hello!

So here I am, after a very long time, to say...I am done. Today I received my results back and I got a 2:1. Not the first I was after, but I know I tried my best, and unfortunately in the land of academia that wasn't quite enough. I was 0.9% off the first which is a little frustrating, but oh well.

So now it's time to get on with album number two with a vengeance. I'll keep you posted here with updates and snippets throughout the process. :) Aaah and the album art has been selected! Just here...

And here's a rough, updated track listing:

Smooth Talking
Crazy Rolling Train
Gone For Good
Forever Bound To Fairytales
Go Figure
Waiting For Time
Lost In You
Queen of Hearts
Warmer In May
The Tallest Tree
Hearts & Roses
The Lady & The Past
Let The Fairytale Commence

Most of the songs on there which I've already put out will be re-recorded. I'm planning on doing all the instruments/recording myself, and then sending them off to be mastered. :)

I'm rather excited actually! Once I've created the tracks/artwork and have sent them off to the CD manufacturing company, I'll be setting a release date and making the preorder option available. :) Exciting stuff!

Lots of love xxx 


Larry said...

Exciting stuff, for sure. Big congrats to you, Holly. I am not familiar with your grading system but I was always told (and tell) that a passing grade is good!

Time to put it all behind you now and get along. You did a super job!

Hope you can relax a bit now. That is very important. :)

Tony said...

Yay Holly!!
Multitudinous felicitations on both getting your degree and surviving Uni.

Looking forward to the new album when you get it all together, the cover looks triff.

Hugs a plenty


Nemo said...

Congratulations! So glad you can get on to doing the things you really want to do. Looking forward to the creativity. And I love the album cover!

Larry said...

Forgot to say... I love the cover photo!

mercury said...

Many congrats for your final degree.You did a great job. When I saw you in August 2010, you didn't even start the study. Sigh! Time flies.

It's a very nice cover. I didn't choose it, because of the tinge of red. But that's a solvable problem. I miss "Man In London Town" in the list. :-(
Ansonsten eine sehr ansprechende Zusammenstellung.

yizhivika said...

Hmmm,tantalisingly close to a First, Holly, but never mind; to paraphrase Burns, 'A Degree's a Degree for A' That...' and the wonderful thing about it, is that some of the new skills and knowledge that you've acquired in your three year sojourn in Guildford, will doubtless manifest themselves in the production values of the forthcoming CD (which naturally I'll be putting in a pre-order for, come the day ;)). For me, it's a combination of a beautiful voice with your song-writing ability, that keeps me returning to your music, and I look forward to hearing a lot more of your own compositions (and I agree with the previous post about 'The Man in London Town'). Anyway, as ever, take care and best wishes x

Donnie caperguy2000 said...

Now you are back to your full time of creating music business ,with the new skills you added to a very impressive musical career already. You have accomplish more in your 21 years than most people in 40 years .The music that you have created already and videos are of such quality one would think they were produced by someone with many years of experince in the music business. Holly the first time I had the pleasure of hearing your music I was so very impressed. I predicted that you will be a major star !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one could see that incredible raw talent that you had back then. I will tell you I see in you what seen in Anne Murray ,Rita Macneil ,Jimmy Rankin ,Gordie Sampson .You might have look up these people

Rita Macneil ,Jimmy Rankin ,Gordie Sampson but they have great musical careers .These three have incredible song write gifts which you have .

The last thing I can say is look out world here comes Miss Holly Kirby !!!

I wish you the best of luck but you do not need it you have and will create yours

love your work

all the best

Don from across the pond

xenonrush said...

I hope you are enjoying a bit of a wind down after the uni year. 2.1 is good and it's a shame that you were so close to the first. They should have awarded it to you for what you bring to the music world outside of the uni course.
Looking forward to the new album. Like Wolfie I too was looking forward to Man In London Town. Maybe on album 3. :)