Monday, 24 June 2013


Hello to you, to you hello!

So here I am, after a very long time, to say...I am done. Today I received my results back and I got a 2:1. Not the first I was after, but I know I tried my best, and unfortunately in the land of academia that wasn't quite enough. I was 0.9% off the first which is a little frustrating, but oh well.

So now it's time to get on with album number two with a vengeance. I'll keep you posted here with updates and snippets throughout the process. :) Aaah and the album art has been selected! Just here...

And here's a rough, updated track listing:

Smooth Talking
Crazy Rolling Train
Gone For Good
Forever Bound To Fairytales
Go Figure
Waiting For Time
Lost In You
Queen of Hearts
Warmer In May
The Tallest Tree
Hearts & Roses
The Lady & The Past
Let The Fairytale Commence

Most of the songs on there which I've already put out will be re-recorded. I'm planning on doing all the instruments/recording myself, and then sending them off to be mastered. :)

I'm rather excited actually! Once I've created the tracks/artwork and have sent them off to the CD manufacturing company, I'll be setting a release date and making the preorder option available. :) Exciting stuff!

Lots of love xxx