Friday, 17 May 2013

I'm still here!

Hello lovely people! It's been a while!

I'm still here, but things are getting really busy now. I only have a couple of weeks left of university, and it's all systems go to get all the final bits of coursework done and handed in! I've done my dissertation now! Pheeeeew! But I've still got loads of work left to do. :-S Eek!

So looking forward to being free and able to do what I like! Though also a tad scared...I need to work out how to earn a living. :-S Still, I like a challenge! lol. It will involve music, but I just need to work out in which way.

I'll be starting on my second CD recording and release too. :) I'm looking forward to that, as I've been waiting a long time to have enough time to do it!

I hope you are all well, and I look forward to spending more time with you soon!!

TTFN xxxxx


Larry said...

Awesome! :)

Tony said...

Good to see you still going strong, though your violets seem to have gone kind of ... green.

Yep, you will soon be free to choose your own path and of course there will be music.
If the income from your music isn't quite paying the bills, don't be ashamed or afraid to take any job that has an income attached to it.
Despite my wanting to use my mighty brain to earn a crust, my first paying job was labouring in a cement works. Well, at 15 and with 1 "O" level there wasn't much else I could get. But it paid the rent and let me go to college to get the qualifications I didn't stay long enough at school to get.

I am supremely confident that you will make it through the course so try to enjoy the last few weeks and don't stress it.

Have fun and good luck

A Man You Don't Know said...

Each and every day when I checked my rss feeds and there was no new blogpost from you, I was just GLAD, thinking 'Yippy! She's focusing on university!'. True story.
So don't worry about us :)

Wellwisher said...

Not long to go, so just do your best, you can do no more than that.

When you are done, you will miss all of the lovely friends, and even tutors, you have met along the way, but cherish all the memories they have given you.

The big wide world awaits you! ;-)

yizhivika said...

Well done in getting the dissertation finished, Holly, and good luck in the home straight ;). Like the new verdant header, and I'm really looking forward to hearing your second album in due course :)Take care, and best wishes as ever...x

mercury said...

Right there? ;-)