Saturday, 2 February 2013

Thoughts for after...

Greetings all. :)

Recently I've been having a think about what I'm doing after Uni. It's a scary thought really. Do I go home to the Island? Do I stay in Guildford? It's a tricky one...but after much consideration I've decided to return to the Kirby household on the Island.

From there I'll be making music most of the time, and will hopefully be able to get a part time job to support myself. :) I do like Guildford, but what makes me happy is being at home, close to my family, along with the lovely Island scenery and sense of community. I'm also hoping that I'll be able to take a course or two at the college there...just to pursue a few interests that have been put on hold whilst I've been at Uni.

But right now, the final semester is just about to start...the final push before the end of University education! It's all systems go. Soon I get my marks back for the first semester...I'll let you know when I know! *Fingers crossed they're ok*

Sending lots of love and virtual hugs to you through the computer screen! I hope you're good. :)


P.S - I haven't forgotten about the album cover song! - It's in progress - I've got the bare bones of the song written...I just need to record it. :)


Tony said...

Hi Holly, that's a really wise decision. Setting up your own household can be horrible to do in the modern world and the love \nd support of family cannot be overestimated.

Your marks will be fine. I forbid you to worry about it. Worry will make all those little lines begin to appear on your face and eventually theyt will begin to look like the Grand Canyons of Holly!

As to me being good...that is likely not going to happen, but if I can't be good I at least try to not get caught :)

love, hugs and smoochies right back to you

mercury said...

I will play the advocatus diaboli again: Creativity comes from difference. A going back into encountered circumstances is deadly. It's the line of least resistance you are going. Full stop!

Larry said...

Sounds like a great plan and I am happy to see the thought you put into everything. Like Tony said, do not even think about worrying about anything at all. The future has a way of taking care of it self, the past is gone and cannot be altered and, it is always today. 'Today' is never overwhelming in any real way. Remember to just live in it only. Dragging the past around needlessly can be disastrous, just as worrying about the future. It is always 'now'. And you will always be just fine. Sending you lots of love and prayers. :)

Thomas B. said...

Your post doesn't really ask for comments, but as others commented, I will dare to do so, too.

I've been thinking for a long time that you might try to make a living with a little commercial music production (movies, theatres, advertising, ...) now and then, being a truly independent musician the rest of your time. You are so good at both parts of that plan. I was glad some time ago to learn that you actually pursue the first part already (and the second part anyway, I guess).

Concerning the devil's advocate, they might want to consider that people are not all the same. The important part is not to fall into monotony, but that can be done operating from a save harbour, too.

mercury said...

I step aside from the harsh advocatus diaboli position: Seems to be a good decision to stay on the Isle of Wight. It's a very nice place to live, not too much distractions. You have an established environment of friends, relatives and a lively art community. You have been very creative there.

On the other hand a little bit change of air shouldn't be false. France, Germany or even better Austria could offer new influences. Did you ever mention a time abroad?
The main reason for going this direction is a more philosophical one: It's the maxim: "You have to change your life". It's not a maxim coming from one person. It is a general human axiom, a kind of lifelong self-discipline advice or a call for self-improvement. A slight excessive demand is a necessary precondition for growing, getting stronger. Nietzsche said: "Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker".

Trevor said...

I hope you've asked for permission , Holly . I heard your room had been let . ��

Larry said...

@Trevor I heard they have made her a pallet in the kitchen. :)

Trevor said...

@Larry . That's good to know , Larry . I was beginning to worry. ;)

yizhivika said...

I think returning to the Island for a time, if only for a year's sabbatical or whatever, is probably a good idea, Holly (you're still young enough to spread your wings again, and fly back to the mainland, if life's winds drive you that way in future ;)). And I do just want to add what a privilege it was to see you perform live on a couple of occasions in 2011, and to meet you again at the Tanita Tikaram gig at the Union Chapel in the autumn of that year; I cherish the memories :). You have a beautiful singing voice, and you're a talented songwriter, and I hope to see you (and your mum ;)) again at some point. On a personal note, I should add that I think being forced out of your comfort zone sometimes (or choosing to leave it!), is a great way of developing personality and character, but whatever path your life takes, my best wishes go with you on your journey :), take care, x