Saturday, 9 February 2013

Here beginneth the final semester!

Hello lovely people!

So the semester has started up again, and we're in full swing! We've had our work for the rest of University assigned, and now I just have to get it all done to the very best of my ability. (What is the best of my ability? How do I find out?! AAH!)

I got my CMC grade back for last semester - that's the one that included "The Upper Hand", "The Dialling Tone", "Raindrops", and also "Minuscule - Grasshopper Catapult". I got a 67 for those collectively...3 marks off a first, grrr! However, I've worked out (using a spreadsheet...oooh get meeee!) that if the only mark that I'm waiting for from last semester comes back as 65 or above, then I'll have got 70 for the first semester. Then, (as year 2 counted for 30%) I need to get at least 74 this semester to get a first. I so, so want to prove to myself that I can do it, so I'm going full steam ahead on the train of academia!!!!! (does that even make sense?) (You get the idea anyhow.)

I got an 87 for an academic poster that I designed/presented in a group with two other girlies, hence the boost there! They did the content and I did the design...(that was allowed, and the way we wanted it to be. Lol. I didn't just chicken out of the writing.)

This is it:

Anyway...the new semester...

Our new lecturer for CMC is keen for us to learn coding, so that we can be extra creative in our musical practice. Musicians have starting releasing apps rather than albums...Björk is a rather good he believes it'd be useful for us to learn Javascript. It's pretty daunting! But also quite exciting. I'm using a site called "Codecademy" at the moment, and I'm really enjoying it.

As well as that, we've got our DI2 module (Digital Improvisation 2) in which we learn about...well...using technology in a live musical setting...for an example see Imogen Heap in this little set up...

(This is the more singer/songwritery take on it - but something DJy (definitely a word) would be equally as fitting.)

Just out of interest...what is your take on this kind of technology-based performance? Do you think this is an interesting development in performance*, or a bit too 'different' to the 'normal' acoustic/band set up? In this video she's prepared a lot of the music beforehand, and is also manipulating/looping on the spot.

So there are two of our modules...another one is the dissertation module...and the other is Anglo-Celtic Folk Song Traditions. We have an exam for the latter! I haven't done an exam in ages...quite scary actually.

Anyhoo...I'd better go and do some more work! My friend (and coursemate) Christine is coming over soon to practise for DI2. :) We're doing a performance in Monday's lecture of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" using looping, Christine's harp, and my voice, (and some keyboard effects!). Maybe we'll do a little recording. :)

Also, I'm cooking tuna pasta. A student delicacy! ;)

TTFN xxxxxxxx

*Speaking of developments in performance, the video below is one of Imogen Heap using gloves to play a song...the song begins around 13.40 I think - the rest of the video is her explaining how they work. :)


Larry said...

'The video below'... Yeah, well, I am still looking up words, lol. Things have come a long way since I played a trombone in high school band. :) It all sounds so exciting. Enjoy it to the max since the end is in site. :)

Larry said...

Oops! A medicinally induced typo (sight).

Tony said...

I guess that most electronically enhanced or produced music leaves me in the situation my parents were in when rock n roll blasted into their is just not for me. The occasional "tweak" in an otherwise acoustic performance can be good but on the whole I prefer my music straight from the instrument and voice straight from the vocal chords.

As with all music or art, beauty is definitely in the minds of the people who will either love it, hate it or just ignore it.
I feel that it is a bit like photoshopping an image, making models appear to be flawless etc.
Kind of cheating.
Just my opinion and if you love it then enjoy it to the max.

I hope that you manage to get the 1st you would like, but if not then you will still have achieved a lot and learned more and had a great experience that will last a lifetime.

Hugs n stuffz

mercury said...

The electronification of music can be compared with the use of digital photography. You do not essentially need it (up to the moment, when no analog stuff will be existent anymore), but it provides you with a huge bunch of additional possibilities. In music you are in a paradox situation, because music is an art subverting distance, seizing the whole mind, often by very sophisticated, elaborate means. So music can be called an psychological intrusion technology, like hypnosis, drugs or stimulation of the brain by electromagnetic devices.
Technical gimmickry in music sometimes will undermine this purpose and leave you bored and not captivated. It often depends on the listening habits of the audience.
I think, you should mainly rely on your voice, which is very captivating. Imogen Heap is a very creative and innovative artist, I like some of her music, but she has no convincing voice. :-(

Phil said...

Nothing against using technology to enhance music - accoustic or otherwise - if it improves the musical experience. But it should only be to tweak what is alraedy good. If you can't sing a decent ballad a capella then using technology could just be fraudulent. Not a problem you have, Holly, your voice is beautiful.