Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Upper Hand

Good day to you lovely people! :D I thought I'd just post this video for you! I finished making it this morning. The blokey in it is my lovely housemate, Alex Harden (aka SubsonicWinter) - it was a lot of fun to make! I really hope you like it. :)

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S - I haven't forgotten about the album covers. ;) I'll post them up here tomorrow, and the voting shall commence! ;) xxxxxxx


Trevor said...

Blooming Eck , Alex , I bet you didn't bargain on this when you moved in , did you ? Being constantly overlooked and prodded by The Queen of The Titans ! I'd have a go at renegotiating the rent if I were you .
Great video , Holly .

Larry said...

Superb! You do such amazing things with video (not to mention music). Poor Alex, had to go hide in the out house at the end. We had those things back in the mountains of Harlan, Kentucky. Would have thought they would supply you guys with indoor plumbing there. :)

Tony said...

Thoroughly enjoyed watching Holly. Agree totally with Trevor; just when poor Alex thinks it is safe to brush teeth or make a cuppa he is accosted by a singing giantess :)

Trouble is I now find myself glancing warily at the ceiling...