Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Raindrops :)


I hope the first day of the new year has been a good one for you. Mum and I went for a walk in the winter sunshine earlier today, and I finished off a song for my coursework. :)

(Look! I saw a horse! 1, 2...3 in fact. ;))

This is my coursework song, called "Raindrops" and here it be...

A little more electronic - specifically for the course. I'll be back tomorrow with a bit more of an update and plans for the new year. :)

Have you set any New Years Resolutions? ;)

TTFN xxxx


mercury said...

I like the song, must be inspired by the rainiest year in GB in recorded history. The melody, your dubbed voice and the electronic background fits perfectly. From where did you get the video? I guess, you do not possess a high speed camera.
New year resolutions: A total overthrow of my life is ahead. Quitting my job and entering an unknown existential dungeon. Could be devastating, but more likely to be a spellbinding adventure.

Trevor said...

Well , once again , Holly , you've created a little masterpiece . Delicate and restrained with beautiful vocals and the video matching was perfect . The thunder at the end only serves to underline the fragility of the sentiment . Once again , I have to say that you are really , really good at this sort of thing . I hope you get the high marks this piece so richly deserves . I loved it . X

Larry said...

Like Trevor said, this is a little masterpiece. It captivated me from the very beginning and swept me up and did not release me til the the end. I love it. It just amazes me how you can put all of that together. Nice work! It will no doubt fetch a very good grade.

Resolutions? No, I am in the hands of my creator and all things are up to Him. :)

H said...

Hello! :) thank you so much for your comments. :)

I'm really pleased that you like the song! I had to make a real effort to keep it electronic, and not give in to playing the acoustic guitar. ;)

That sounds like a bit of an adventure, WG! Good luck. Where will you start? :)

mercury said...

Holly I'm following a dream, like you do. There is a certain risk of coming to nought. On the other hand the drop height is limited. The alternative is to carry on like I did 25 years, with accumulating frustrations for security reasons. With 58 you are entering the high probability death zone. The impacts are coming closer and closer. So I want to use the remaining time to do something, that I like to do and not being an object of external ideas.

xenonrush said...

Love the words, as always. "Have mercy and do not step on me" made me smile. And it's still raining here so the song really fits in.
I always think your coursework is so good but what to compare it with to give an opinion. When I hear your work I often wonder what the other people in your year produce. It must be a real treat being the tutor for the year.

yizhivika said...

More good stuff, Holly, and a belated Happy New Year :). Looking forward to more of your videos, and the release of your second album...take care, and best wishes :)