Thursday, 3 January 2013

Minuscule - Grasshopper

Hello lovely people :)

Today I've been working on the music and sound design for an animation - another piece for my coursework. The volume is a little low at the moment, but hopefully it's not too bad. What do you think of it? I had fun making it! The "Minuscule" animations are a really clever little series actually.


Larry said...

Nice work. The music fit the visual well. Gave me a good laugh too. Bet that was great fun to do!

mercury said...

I love the Miniscule animation. Our French neighbours didn't lose their interest in the little things. Holly, you did a great job and I think, we have to face the fact, that you are a professional.
By the way, Claude Nurisany and Marie PĂ©rrenou made a tender and magic cinematic portrait of an utterly neglected world: Mikroskosmos (1996).

Trevor said...

Holly , it's absolutely brilliant ! Animation , setting , theme and MUSIC so perfectly matched its impossible to think of one element without the others being simultaneously present . A great piece .... loved it , loved it , loved it ! X

xenonrush said...

Once again I think this is better than the original. I watched the original but I think your sound track with the music carries the movie better than the original which just has sound effects.
Glad you managed to find a bit of time for study between sessions out on the cider.

DoctorCastille said...

Also watched the original and agree that it's more fun with your added music and sounds. Nice little blog ya got here Holly!