Monday, 10 December 2012

Tinkers Lane

Hello lovely people!

Today (yesterday, eek! Just spotted the time!) I finished my Applied Music Coursework! - Here's the rest of the music that I composed for it - the in-show bits and bobs! Please let me know what you think. :)

I've started up a new page for my instrumental pieces - using my record label name - "Tinkers Lane". If you'd like to follow what I'm doing over there, here are the links I have at the moment... (haven't done anything there yet ;) Wordpress confuses me a bit...)

Lots of love and Isle of Wight mugs


mercury said...

I like these tunes, because they seem to be to work like antibodies against the always menacing forces inside a human being with a dissociative disorder. Everyone constitutes him/herself by repeating always the same patterns, what we call personal identity and music seems to be one necessary ingredient in this self affirmative system plus the hot Isle of Wight cup in your case. ;-)

Tony said...

Really great Holly. Although I haven't seen the specific show this is applied to, the moods your pieces were composed for are as well portrayed as anything else I have seen on film or TV.
I particularly liked the transition piece.

Trevor said...

Again , Holly , I think these pieces are spot on . You do this so well . I really hope that the excellence and appropriateness of these pieces is duly rewarded . Well done , you :-)

yizhivika said...

Sounds very good to me Holly, and once it's up and running, I'll follow you on your Wordpress site :).

Thomas B. said...

Whoa, did my comment get deleted (why?) or do anonymous comments need admin approval to appear in the first place (no need to approve this one in that case)?

me said...

Well done ~ very good pieces, very professionally done! Particularly love the transition piece. :-)

Thomas ~ Did you put in the weird name/number correctly? ~ my comments have disappeared before because I did it wrongly. Make sure it says that your comment has been saved before you leave the page. :-)