Saturday, 1 December 2012

Rather chilly, eh?

Hi guys. :)

Thanks for your comments about the recording I posted the other day! I was using a vocal mic that I recently got hold of, so hopefully the clarity of the vocal part was a little better than in my previous recordings.

I got my essay marks back the other day. On one I did quite badly, and the other one (regarding how we define value in music) I got a 2:1 for, which is higher than I expected! And my lecturer (the rather legendary Allan Moore) said I raised some interesting points. - Actually, three of us did a presentation practice yesterday, in which I presented the ways that Sia's voice evokes emotion in the track below, and whilst Allan was giving feedback, he said that my contribution was 'superb', and he'd give it a first! Mega MEGA chuffed about that!! I'm really enjoying that module actually - probs because my confidence is growing a little. :)

(This is the track...)

OOH! Also, exciting news. I was asked to design a logo for a school - and they like what I came up with and are using it! :) It's a primary school. They'll have it on their uniforms, official school documents etc. Quite exciting! When things become all official and they switch to the new badge, I'll show it to you. :) (If I'm allowed...hopefully it'll be ok.)

I've got a lot of work due in very soon - so I'll have some more music to show you around mid-December time. And a BIIIIG deadline in January. (About six pieces of music.) So lots to show you then!

I hope you're all well! (We're mega chilly in our house at the moment as the boiler has packed in. :-/ I'm the one staying in waiting for him...he'd better turn up as I need to go out! I need bread...I had alphabet spaghetti for breakfast.)

Lots of love!


Tony said...

Big grats and a gold star for you Holly. So proud of you for overcoming your fears and inhibitions and producing an impressive presentation, doubtless worthy of the praise it gained!

Hope the boiler dude turned up and got it fixed...shivering and wearing 14 pullovers is so not helpful.

Exciting news indeedy about the school logo. It will be brilliant to see your own design on the badge and documents etc.

Your gourmet brekky sounds wonderful, I'm not sure that we had alphabet spaghetti in my day. Beans on toast and fried egg sarnies were my staple diet back then :)

It is terrific to see you in this mood Holly. Now all you need to do is to bottle it up and use it whenever any of the lackwit tutors fail to recognise your brilliance.

hugs 'n Xs

mercury said...

Gratulation für das gute Ergebnis bei Deinen Essays und dem Referat. Der Auftrag für's Logo zeigt wieder einmal, dass Du ein Multitalent bist.
I love the song of "Sia". To hear your main arguments about the impression of her voice would be interesting for me.
It's so horrible to know you freezing and hungry in your cold chamber and being unable to do anything.
The weather over here is quite wintry. Next week I'll be in Leipzig with my wife and will have a go at Thomas Church.

xenonrush said...

So all that hard work on the essay writing is paying off. And great news about potential for a first.
Is the logo for a school on Oily?

You've got my sympathy with regard to the heating. My central heating has half packed up. No heat in the kitchen so it's get in, cook, get out. Plumber thinks he can fit us in early next week.

Trevor said...

Congratulations , Holly ! I'm so pleased that you got your just reward for your effort , commitment and ability . You really , really ,really deserve that . Brilliant comments from a much respected tutor are just the tonic you needed . Well done , you !
Being asked to create a new logo for a school is a lovely request ; how interesting ! I hope you'll let us see it when it's finished . You've got too much talent for any one person ; it's not fair ! ;-) Have a lovely day . X