Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Now, we begin...

It's nearly midnight, and I'm sat in my room with a hot chocolate in my favourite mug, writing to you.

Look...crazy proof:

This is a thermal camera too, so you can tell that my cup has hot stuff in. No expense spared at Tripping Through Violets HQ.

When I was uploading that picture I found this old one from when I was in the process of designing album number one's artwork! How things have changed! lol...

I look like a proper bumpkin. I love Violet's pose though. Such a cutie.

Anyway! Today I was thinking about life. As one does. And I feel that today/yesterday, I started a new chapter. Genuinely. You go through tough times, you don't feel yourself, and sometimes it feels that the day when you feel like you again will never come. Of course you know it will, but it's hard to believe it when you don't feel it inside. But now, I feel like me again. I feel in control, I feel optimistic, and I'm ready to start a new chapter. :)

At the moment I'm writing two essays, and in the swing of working hard and trying my very best with my studies. I'm determined to get a first for my degree. Very determined. So I'll try my very very best and work my socks off.

I'm also going to try to get fit this year, exercising each day. (From when I get the exercise bike from home. ;))

I'm also going to work on re-recording some of my songs for an album/EP during study breaks. :) I'm not sure of the rate at which I'll be able to do this, but I'll give it a go. I want to release something that contains the songs from my Uni years. Kind of looking back over the years. :) I'll do all the recording/artwork etc. myself, so it's completely 100% homemade. (Apart from getting the copies pressed!)

I also want to add a little something before I say goodnight. (Or good morning! Depending on when you read this. ;)) When I want to be sure of how I feel, the real test is what music I'm listening to. If it's melancholy, that generally means I'm a bit blue. But recently I've been discovering some really lovely music. New to me, but not in general. I'll leave you with this one, by Enya's sister - Moya Brennan...it's so calming and pretty...

And if you want a laugh, I've been listening to this one a lot recently. Yes, I'm a Katy Perry fan. ;)

Nighty night lovely people. :)


P.S...what do you reckon about this as a potential track listing?...
(Not in order yet.)

Crazy Rolling Train
Mrs Moonlight
Forever Bound To Fairytales
The Tallest Tree
Go Figure
Waiting For Time
Hearts & Roses
I'm Right Here
Queen of Hearts (don't think this is online anywhere!)

(+ One that I haven't written yet)

Bonus Track:
The Lady & The Past

P.P.S...I also decided today that when I'm older I'd like to get one of these dogs. I think they are very cool. The Labernese...a cross between a Labrador and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Naaaaaaw.



mercury said...

That sounds good. Coincidentally it coincides with a fundamental change in my life. I made up my mind not to be eaten up by circumstances.

I love the counterinsurance thought (using the music as a litmus test for the actual state of mind). Gives you an additional information channel, which is always positive in a life's cockpit. Makes me thinking again about the question, how many instruments in a modern plane are self referential and how many are dued to the environment.
Another interesting question is, how to make someone manipulable by undermining his/her system of self referentiality.

The track list is for me a time journey. :-)

xenonrush said...

Love the pic of Violet impersonating Long John Silver's parrot. Was she auditioning for a part in the Christmas panto?
I hadn't heard Moya Brennan before so this blog is clearly a learning tool for the musically challenged. Quite Enya like. Very soothing. Is the first line of Katy Perry's song part of your aversion therapy?
You don't have to wait for the exercise bike to start getting fit. CC#2 goes for a 07:00 run around the park in the morning. At least that's what she tells me. Apparently there are lots of people out running in Oxford at that time of day.
Looking back over the Uni years can be titled Guildford Retrospective. The right sort of title for someone with a first. I'm Right There would be a good track (I love that one) to have on the new album but I guess it could be a bit confusing for someone trying to decide if they had just listened to I'm Right Here or I'm Right There. People would start singing "You're everywhere and nowhere baby that's where you're at...."
I hope you've got something nice and warm to wear at the weekend. Weatherperson says it's going to be VERY cold. But then I guess you'll be in a nice warm house essay writing...

Larry said...

Lady and The Past is sooooooo awesome! Gets my vote, lol.100 pbotnt

Trevor said...

Hi Holly , what a cheerful blog this is today. :) Very positive and uplifting . All dogs are great as far as I'm concerned but , as someone who always had big dogs : a Border Collie , a Lurcher , an Alsation and , biggest of all , a Scottish Dearhound , I'm now a small dog aficionado having had my lovely Miniature Wire Haired Daschund cross Jack Russell for the past eleven years ( he's called Stanley , by the way ) I think small dogs are great .
The song list is really good , though my personal preference would be to replace Pieces and Serendipity with Who Are You and Gone For Good . Walmer in May could also be a contender . I know the first two don't fit the university years criterion but one or two of the others don't either and I would always bend whatever criteria you use in order to include ( or , rather , not exclude ) some of your best songs . As I say , it's just a personal preference .
Best of luck with the fitness routine . Oh , and by the way , I think you've given me your cold , for which , many thanks. ;-) x

mercury said...

Wouldn't it be nice to provide the pure list of original songs with one or two covers, for instance "Wildest moments"? In a certain way the CD will be an "Entwicklungsgeschichte" over a period of 4(four) hair styles, up and downs, learning, constance and change, doubts and certainty, retreat and reaching out...
I have to admit, that I even like "Go Figure" - meanwhile. "Serendipity" is still a favourite of mine, but I'm much more uncertain about what to prefer, than I had been with "A Woman You Don't Know". What do you think about the covers?

Trevor said...

PS I love the thermal image ; that's really cool .

Trevor said...

In a way an album must be a very personal thing ; a little vulnerable ship you set sail upon the pond , not knowing if it can withstand the rigours of the journey but knowing only too well that there's nothing you can do to protect her once she's out of reach . This is Holly's ship , it comes from her and , in a sense , is her . Like you , WG , I suggested including some covers a little while ago ; I thought it would provide a richer texture to the album . I also thought it might help sales if people were drawn in by a cover and then discovered they had unearthed a diamond in Holly's voice and compositions . But Holly is the one who creates and shapes the vessel and whatever she decides to do , that's the right decision because it's her decision ; it's what she wants to do ...........and , for us , it's our job to stand on the quayside waving our flags and cheering for all we're worth as the good ship ' Holly Kirby ' sets sail . I think we can manage that , don't you ?

mercury said...

Yes, we can!!!

mercury said...

Nach neuen Meeren

Dorthin - will ich; und ich traue
Mir fortan und meinem Griff.
Offen liegt das Meer; ins Blaue
Treibt mein Genueser Schiff.

Alles glänzt neu und neuer,
Mittag schläft auf Raum und Zeit -
Nur dein Auge - ungeheuer
Blickt mich's an, Unendlichkeit!

Tony said...

Hot chocolate, Kittens, Katy Perry, potential listing for your second album AND puppies!
I just sent one of my most awesomest hugs winging through cyberspace to Guilford; hope it doesn't knock you into one of those embarassing off balance situations :p

I had a weird feeling that I had seen you doing Queen of Hearts somewhere so I diligently searched through lots of your tube stuff etc. Needless to say I didn't find you doing Queen of Hearts as I am sure you know more than me what is out there; I did however find a clip of you doing the Eric Bogle classic No Mans Land...at this point words fail me, amazing I know, the fact that words could fail me who generally suffers from an overabundance of them. Suffice to say I simply thought it was the BEST ever version of this song I have heard, and being a folk enthusiast for many many years I have heard this song a LOT.
Just sayin
Go Holly, you totally rock!

H said...

You guys never fail to make me smile!! :) :) :) Thank you so much for your awesome comments. :) <3

- With regard to covers...I wanted to make this one a completely homemade one really - all my tunes - my artwork etc. :) Just one that I've done with my years at Uni in mind. I'll do a proper brainstorm and upload it when I've got these two essays in...all a bit panicky at the mo. Eek. :-S Getting there slowly but surely though! xxxx

me said...

Well done you!!! ~ but you must make sure that those lecturers are teaching you EXACTLY what you need in order to get your first. Make sure you get that sorted ASAP.

Excellent to feel so determined though ~ good luck with the essays too.

The dogs are very cute but not sure what Vi will have to say about that ;-)

Regards the song list.....don't forget John's song, as Mrs S will be looking out for that one. :-)

TTFN ~ Onwards and upwards!! ;-) xxx