Saturday, 27 October 2012

Slight annoyance. (Big understatement.)


I'm afraid this is going to be a grumpy/whiney post. I'm using the blog as a bit of an outlet here.

A week on Monday I have two essays due in. One is on semiotic mapping in functional music. The other is about the value of it's defined. But the problem is, the deeper I delve into these topics...the more I think..."what's the point in me doing this?"

We have to do a lot of reading around each of these topics to support our arguments. It's painful. To someone who's interested in these subjects I imagine it's fascinating, but personally I struggle to maintain concentration for more that 30 seconds at a time. My reaction to whatever I read is "why does it matter? Why don't you just enjoy the music?" Sure, studying it can be useful sometimes. The functional music essay is more 'useful' in terms of composition ideas/rules, but music is SO subjective. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to what constitutes musical value. Why try to define it? Why does it matter that I love Enya's music and you think she's boring? Your reasoning as to why she's  dull is not going to persuade me that she is, because I like her. That's that. I'm not going to suddenly fall in love with your genre because you like it, and tell me it has more 'value' than mine.

Also, I'm awful at reading. Unless I'm really, genuinely interested in what I'm reading, I'm there for 5 minutes, and then off making a cup of tea or writing a song. I used to read a lot of fiction when I was younger, and then I read the literature that I had to for English at school, but I've only read one or two apart from that. I'd MUCH rather read fiction, or an inspirational book, than a non-fiction book or one on analysis. But as I said, it's not often at all that I choose to read a book. Because if I have spare time, I normally choose to do music. Or write here. ;)

One thing that's also infuriating me recently is the way in which I feel I'm being treated due to my lack the course. I do my work on time (despite whinging at you guys about it), and I do it to the best of my ability. However, I do my work when I do it, and I don't want to talk about it when I'm done. It doesn't rule my life, and I'm not planning on a career in academia. I just want to graduate and get on with my life. Therefore, naturally, I probably do not apply myself as much as someone who wants to be an academic etc. - and when it comes to being successful at Uni, I really do feel that it's one big memory test. You have to remember all the 'facts' and 'methodologies' that are thrown at you, and apply them where and when they should be applied. Now to the part I'm actually annoyed at...

The fact that I'm not great at remembering things I'm not interested in does NOT mean that I'm thick, and therefore, I'd prefer not to be treated so.

This is going to sound kind of lame, but the other day I was sat in my room feeling quite down. I was struggling with my essays, and actually felt pretty thick after some comments that had been made with regard to my intelligence, so I took an IQ test to see if I was ACTUALLY as below average as I felt I'd been made out to be. On the test I got 132, which is actually ok, and made me feel better, but after I'd taken the test I got annoyed at how I'd let myself feel that way. I'm way too sensitive. Sometimes I think that because I smile and laugh at things that people say, they assume I don't care. But afterwards I think about things that have been said and I do really take them to heart. Then I write an angry song. Lol.

I so wish I could write a song/get on with my album right now! But I'm stuck with these essays for the time being. I just want to get on, graduate, and live my life. I feel everything I want to do is on hold whilst I'm doing something I don't want to do. Bummeroony.

I shall leave you with this song. I feel it has value because I like it. And I listen to it because I enjoy listening to it, and it makes me feel comforted. Why? Because it just does. I'm happy with that. I don't feel the need to delve any deeper.

Wow. There's the scorpio's sting.

Lots of love

Thursday, 25 October 2012

To Ireland I'll Away...

Hello lovely people. :)

Today I was browsing my compositions in iTunes, and I spotted this one...that I never uploaded anywhere. Because I'm not very keen on it! But someone out there might like it, so here it is. :) A celtic one that I wrote...

Lots of love xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Now, we begin...

It's nearly midnight, and I'm sat in my room with a hot chocolate in my favourite mug, writing to you.

Look...crazy proof:

This is a thermal camera too, so you can tell that my cup has hot stuff in. No expense spared at Tripping Through Violets HQ.

When I was uploading that picture I found this old one from when I was in the process of designing album number one's artwork! How things have changed! lol...

I look like a proper bumpkin. I love Violet's pose though. Such a cutie.

Anyway! Today I was thinking about life. As one does. And I feel that today/yesterday, I started a new chapter. Genuinely. You go through tough times, you don't feel yourself, and sometimes it feels that the day when you feel like you again will never come. Of course you know it will, but it's hard to believe it when you don't feel it inside. But now, I feel like me again. I feel in control, I feel optimistic, and I'm ready to start a new chapter. :)

At the moment I'm writing two essays, and in the swing of working hard and trying my very best with my studies. I'm determined to get a first for my degree. Very determined. So I'll try my very very best and work my socks off.

I'm also going to try to get fit this year, exercising each day. (From when I get the exercise bike from home. ;))

I'm also going to work on re-recording some of my songs for an album/EP during study breaks. :) I'm not sure of the rate at which I'll be able to do this, but I'll give it a go. I want to release something that contains the songs from my Uni years. Kind of looking back over the years. :) I'll do all the recording/artwork etc. myself, so it's completely 100% homemade. (Apart from getting the copies pressed!)

I also want to add a little something before I say goodnight. (Or good morning! Depending on when you read this. ;)) When I want to be sure of how I feel, the real test is what music I'm listening to. If it's melancholy, that generally means I'm a bit blue. But recently I've been discovering some really lovely music. New to me, but not in general. I'll leave you with this one, by Enya's sister - Moya's so calming and pretty...

And if you want a laugh, I've been listening to this one a lot recently. Yes, I'm a Katy Perry fan. ;)

Nighty night lovely people. :)


P.S...what do you reckon about this as a potential track listing?...
(Not in order yet.)

Crazy Rolling Train
Mrs Moonlight
Forever Bound To Fairytales
The Tallest Tree
Go Figure
Waiting For Time
Hearts & Roses
I'm Right Here
Queen of Hearts (don't think this is online anywhere!)

(+ One that I haven't written yet)

Bonus Track:
The Lady & The Past

P.P.S...I also decided today that when I'm older I'd like to get one of these dogs. I think they are very cool. The Labernese...a cross between a Labrador and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Naaaaaaw.


Saturday, 20 October 2012


Hello lovelies :)

Happy Weekend! I hope you're all groovy. :) I'm still getting over my cold. Grrr. And also essay writing. Well...trying! There are so many distracting things! Like making tea. And funny little gifs like this:

(The awkward moment when you realise you're caught in the back of a live broadcast...)

The thing is, I have no idea how I found that. I slipped into the trance-like aimless internet browsing state.

And now back to essaying! Well. Maybe some lunch first.

Lots of love xxxxxx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Just another manic(ish) Monday...

Hello lovely people of the blogosphere :)

How are we all? Uni has started up again, and is back to its normal pace! And I've come down with a cold. So that kind of halts the songwriting/recording, unless I choose to go for the bunged up sound. I guess it's kind of good in a way though, because it forces me to work on pieces that have no vocals. Or not mine anyway. And essays. *Shudder*. I have the deadlines for two already, and I'm slightly dreading them! I plan on making a start on them least writing a draft/doing some reading for them. This year I really want to try to improve upon the things that I find most difficult. Like the technological side of what I'm doing! And my essay writing, which at present, is really not great. My style just isn't academic, and I find it really tricky to know how to word things so that I'm not just repeating the same thing over and over again.

Anyway, I'd better skidaddle and make a start on this work! OOH! I'll leave you with some photographyness today. I went out and about on Saturday with some friends to take photos. Here are a couple that I took at the Devil's Punchbowl. :)

TTFN! :) xxxxx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

3, 2, 1....GO!

RIGHT! Today I'm going to test something out. I'm going to write here on the blog everything that I'm going to do today. Because when I tell people that I'm going to do something, I am much much more likely to do it. When I say to myself "I'm going to do this..." it's a lot easier to change my mind. If I'm trying to do something that is getting a bit boring, I find it quite easy to say to myself " should make a cup of tea...maybe do some washing...and finish this tomorrow. You'll do a better job then..." WRONG. That's just procrastination. Grrr. (Can you hear the motivation/drive in my tone?)

So here goes. These are the things that I'm going to do today:

- Read at least 3 chapters of "Song Means"
- Do some washing (this is not procrastination...I genuinely need clothes...)
- Watch the Lunchtime Concert at Uni
- Find a few copyright free short videos to practise writing music to
- Create storyboards for these videos
- Work on remixing Alex's track
- Drink tea

RIGHT. Off I go...


I'm going to leave you with this track. It's rather lovely I think. And uplifting. :)


5pm update:

I decided that to say I'd read THREE chapters of a Song Means was a very big ask. It's packed with very important things that I need to remember, and after a chapter, my brain is saturated. So I'm going to change that aim to "Read a chapter a day"...

Aside from that, I went to the Lunchtime Concert, my washing is in the machine, and I'm drinking tea...and I'm just about to cook dinner.

After that I'll do my video search! :) Skillz.