Sunday, 9 September 2012

Wildest Moments

I'm BACK! This is becoming a regular occurrence isn't it!? ;)

Today I've been fiddling about with musicyness (that's a word) again. And this is the end result of today's fiddling, with a simple video. A random, not great cover of a song that I really like at the moment by Jessie Ware - you should definitely check out the original if you haven't heard it already! A very cool song indeed.

I uploaded this video to a new channel on YouTube where I'm going to post videos especially for putting on my blog. And other miscellaneous stuff. I'm thinking of doing some video diaries now that I'm getting into the swing of this blogging malarkey...and I'll upload them to that channel too. The link is here... (I haven't customised it yet. ;)) 

Anyhow, here's the video...and I have a 'challenge' for you...think you know me? Well, which Holly is the 'real' one, and which one is reflected? ;)

Once again I wish you a very good night/evening/morning/etc./la la laaaa

Over and out! xxxxx


Tony said... one and only, are on the right as I view it.
Eeek serious, or possibly concentrating, or...maybe that spider just crawled across your desk hehehe.

H said...

I reckon my parting gave it away. ;)

Larry said...

Gosh, you are so lovely and, so is that music! I reckon I do not know right off which is you. The other day, I saw right off that you were playing left-handed though, lol.

Larry said...

Have a little more time now, just want to say that I love how this song kicks in my rather large sub-woofer, lol. I love that! Beautiful cover.

mercury said...

The right one is the right one. The song perfectly reflects the mystery of a strong relation. The pair is always more important than the individuum. Counting always starts with two.

me said...

Lovely song ~ lovely singer :-)
Go get some of those wildest moments ~ don't let a bad experience stop you taking chances ;-) xxx

xenonrush said...

Neither of them was you. It was obviously the software impersonating you. How did I now? The software doesn't know that the real Holly always finishes a song with a wink. Hats off to the software though. It was a very good impersonation.

Larry said...

Wow! That is amazing, lol.

Tony said...

Speaking of amazing Larry, not too much (other than Holly's music) gets me excited nowadays but this news did:

"Fleetwood Mac to tour in 2013"

Stevie Nicks confirmed it in an interview on CBS so maybe this time it will come off!

(Sorry to hijack the blog with this snippet Holly, but as I said, not too much floats my boat nowadays, but this did :) )