Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Truth I Seek

Hello everybody!

I finished off a little song today, so thought I'd do a quick (really awful quality) version to show you! Hurrah! I'll let that plonker below continue the explanation...

OH! I'm just off to the shops by the way. Baking awaits! And I'll be back later with the result. ;)

Also, I don't wear the same jumper the whole time. I put it on briefly yesterday to show you, and today is the first official day of wearing. ;)


She wrote upon the blackboard all she wanted to become
But what they didn't tell her was it wouldn't all be fun
She couldn't keep the chalk - with every line it disappeared
Like the innocence denied to her by every passing year

Oh can't you see the little one behind those eyes?
That you broke the girl in two who lived the dream within your lies
You played a part
You stole a heart to replace your frozen own
And then you go

She watched the planes through window panes
And listened to them roar
Well she couldn't help but wonder what their people had in store
The journey to a lover or a mother or a son
She'd take a plane away from you, another to her love

Oh can't you see the little one behind those eyes?
That you broke the girl in two who lived the dream within your lies
You played a part
You stole a heart to replace your frozen own
And then you go
Can't you see you broke a soul with your deceit?
And now I'm left with scattered pieces of a dream beneath my feet
I'll build a bridge
To take me on to the love that I believe
The truth I seek


mercury said...

Eine Frau, ein Pullover, eine Gitarre und ein Lied...genug für diese Welt. I love the delicacy of this song. There seems to me a hidden bridge to "In Dreams".

xenonrush said...

Clever first verse. More of that smart Holly wordsmithing.
I'm guessing the calendar on the chest of drawers isn't your working week calendar since it hasn't moved since the photos on the 15th, or hasn't uni proper started yet.

If I was in your house I would get the others to agree that we would have to try all of your cakes to make sure that you baked the right one for the "Come Dine With Me" night.

mercury said...

A reference to Holly's
Love seems to be an indigestible problem. Why?
I think modern love is under the permanent destructive pressure of intrusions of object categories. Yes, we begin with mutual enchantment and ruin it in objectivating distance. I've seen this pattern so many, many times, that I'm fed up with it. It's even the same in education. Children mutate to fostered objects. We are getting more and more incapable in accepting feelings of being hurt or grief and start thinking ourselves as something fixable, like a damaged car. We are stuck.
I suppose, it's a pattern of thinking and feeling, generated by the ubiquity of man made objects with a long historic forerun. We transfer these object models to inappropriate things like animals, plants and humans, relationship etc. without hesitating.
It's really hard to get out of these vicious patterns. At first we have to consider ourselves as nobjects (not easily delimitable entities) Thomas Macho invented this term and opened my eyes to see the world in a different manner.

Rediscovering the nobject world means inevitably to get into mystical experiences. You can have such experiences even by technical means, like the alphasphere. Google 'Alphasphere'! If you think it's als esoteric mumbo jumbo, what I've said, stay in your object world! Gute Nacht!

Tony said...

Ohhhh Holly...I just...Gahhhh..Brace yourself for cyber-hug force 11 on Beaufort scale!

Trevor said...

Utterly charming , Holly. :) Wolfgang as interestingly opaque as ever ; try setting your paragraph to music and see how far you get . ;)

xenonrush said...

Google said of Alphasphere - "Spherical, pad-based instrument that can interface with MIDI devices and utilise MAX MSP software." Not being a games player I don't know what that has to do with mystical experiences but I guess if I got one I would find out.

mercury said...

Xeno~Try "Alphasphere sha" and you will get it.
Trevor ~ Music is demonic territory (a phrase of Thomas Mann). Thomas Mann by the way has written a novel about music (Doktor Faustus). He tried to feel out the reasons, why certain music, especially Richard Wagner's had such an influence on the politics of Adolf Hitler. Stephen Fry made a different attempt recently in his movie "Wagner and Me". Asked why he likes Wagner music so much, he answered 'It releases forces within me".Very opaque.
The nobject qualities of music are evident. If you are listen to music in a dedicated way, you are obsessed by the music. You cannot try to get in an objective position against music and if you try, you will surely miss the core.
One can say:The immersive qualities of music override the duality of subject and object. (Descartes ends up in the bin).
Trevor, I know that everything I say is risky, but the matter itsself is "over the edge" of the subject-object-dichotomy, so stammering and opacity is inevitable.

me said...

Your lyrics are always so heartfelt, clever and very real, so the listener feels as though they are part of the song too.

However, I sense, within these words, that this is already a thing of the past and the moving on has already started ~ which can only be a good thing.

Another beautiful song! :-) xxx

Larry said...

What can I say, its' Holly at her finest. Especially like that hint.

Trevor said...

I think that the hint was too subtle ; it needs a real dig with the elbow to have any chance of succeeding . Good try though . Wolfgang , interesting though your observations are , they only apply to instrumental music . Once lyrics are present they undermine your surmise . Gospel may possibly be an exception but the effect there is self induced .

mercury said...

Trevor~Even language is often transformed in music. It's not every day speech. It's often lyrical, never scientific. And the language is transformed by the singing voice with all its emotional qualities. But you are right, the text is sometimes able to get you out of the trance, sometimes it induces even a deeper trance:

Mild und leise
wie er lächelt,
wie das Auge
hold er öffnet ---
seht ihr's Freunde?
Seht ihr's nicht?
Immer lichter
wie er leuchtet,
hoch sich hebt?

Seht ihr's nicht?
Wie das Herz ihm
mutig schwillt,
voll und hehr
im Busen ihm quillt?
Wie den Lippen,
wonnig mild,
süßer Atem
sanft entweht ---
Freunde! Seht!
Fühlt und seht ihr's nicht?
Hör ich nur
diese Weise,
die so wunder-
voll und leise,
Wonne klagend,
alles sagend,
mild versöhnend
aus ihm tönend,
in mich dringet,
auf sich schwinget,
hold erhallend
um mich klinget?
Heller schallend,
mich umwallend,
sind es Wellen
sanfter Lüfte?
Sind es Wogen
wonniger Düfte?
Wie sie schwellen,
mich umrauschen,
soll ich atmen,
soll ich lauschen?
Soll ich schlürfen,
Süß in Düften
mich verhauchen?
In dem wogenden Schwall,
in dem tönenden Schall,
in des Welt-Atems
wehendem All ---
versinken ---
unbewußt ---
höchste Lust!

Trevor said...

Clap , clap ,clap , clap ........ That's the sound of a round of applause for you , Wolfgang . You're a star !

mercury said...

Trevor ~ Protruding my tongue