Sunday, 2 September 2012

I wasn't joking. :P

So...the new chapter, new hair thing...I did it. Lol.

Picture taken by Donna Woodward Taylor yesterday...

Just experimenting. :)


Larry said...

Dunno why my last pst did mot go through--- try again.>

It looks great, Holly. And just think how easy it will be to take care of! Glad to see you playing with it and having fun. I will always know that the Holly I know and love is still in there. :)

xenonrush said...

Great look in the new set of photos. Will you have to get a new pass for uni? :)

Tony said...

I wish some of my experiments worked out as well as yours did! That look REALLY suits you Holly and the trench coat...oh my

You look ready to take on the world and it's brother, give them both a sound thrashing, then smile to the cheering throngs!

Double thumbs up.

mercury said...

Congrats! You are looking great. Short dark hair underlines the beauty and uniqueness of your face.

me said...

Hair looks fab ~ suits you ~ and ~ perfect for uni ~ so easy to keep tamed! :-)

Remember, it's your hair to do with as YOU wish ~ take no notice of any 'shallow' comments ~ lol.

Lovely to see you have some brill and supportive friends on here!

Go get 'em girl!! ;-) xxx