Friday, 7 September 2012

Here we are

So, I'm back in the land of University, and gearing up to go again, for the last year. I'm really determined to work my socks off this year, so I can look back at the end of the year and truthfully say...yes, I've done the very best I can at this. This last year is worth 70% of the course, year one was worth nothing, and year two was 30%. To get a first class degree overall, I need to get about 71% this year...which is harder than it sounds...especially for me, since the techy stuff definitely does not come naturally. However, I am aware of this, and if I can conquer the software etc., then it'll warrant feeling proud of myself. And also reading...I'm really awful at reading, as my concentration levels are quite appalling, unless I'm really into what I'm I'm determined to read all the things I should and more.

I have to do a dissertation this year...5000 words...which I'm rather scared about. And quite a few essays. Again, scared. I need to learn to make my writing style a little more academic...I'm not the greatest at sounding all pro like. (Point proven I think.)

Anyhow, I will try really hard to improve my skills, and post what I make (and maybe essays that I write) here, to see what you guys think. Some may be weird experimental pieces, but I guess you have to experiment to know what works and what doesn't!

Speak soon. xxxxx

(See Delilah sneaking into the background? Cheeky girl.)


Tony said... really doesn't seem like 2 years gone since you started, yet at the same time lots has happened so I guess it evens itself out.

Hard work is a good plan, but don't overdo it; keep plenty of time for enjoyment as well. People will help you get through the techy stuff, also help with polishing essays etc is right here if you need it. I know next to nothing about music 'cept I know what I like, but I am pretty nifty with words :)

Looking forward to congratulating you at the end of the year and cant wait to see the pics of you in your cap and gown Yayy!!

Hugs 'n greebles


Larry said...

Gosh holly, you look so amazing. Lovely new look. Last year... will be interesting to what you do as you go along. I feel sure you will have a big and special year. Be blessed and happy! :)

mercury said...

Holly, follow your dreams!!! If you are determined to make it, everything else will succeed. No more advice.
A very nice picture: The Maiden Queen.
At the moment I'm immersing in the music of CocoRosie. It's a journey into a realm of continuities and sphere breakings.
But now I have to listen to "Serendipity". I love the song and the word with all its ambiguities.

xenonrush said...

Phew! That new red colour scheme nearly knocked my off my chair. I am now wide awake!!!
When do you find out what you have to write your dissertation about? I've been told the best approach is to write is as you go along so that you are updating and adding to it rather than writing it from scratch. CC#2 has to do a dissertation this year too.

H said...

Thanks for your comments chaps. :) Haha Xeno! I just tried to make it a little less it better now? I think the colours are slightly different on my macbook...and I have my screen brightness quite low a lot of the time so that's probably why! (Silly me.) I have to pick the topic for the dissertation - anything to do with music - crikey me!!! I would've preferred a topic tbh.