Sunday, 30 September 2012

Greetings y'all.

Good day to you, lovely people of the blogosphere!

I've just arrived back in Guildford after a weekend at home chillaxing before University starts up again...the third and final year! How speedily has the time gone? It doesn't seem long ago that I wasn't sure whether to come here or not, but I'm so glad that I did. I know this year is going to go so fast too...we've already received our first deadline date and I haven't even had a lecture yet! This is going to be tough old year.

I'm just spending today tidying and doing laundry etc., but I just wanted to stop by and say hi. :) Nothing uber exciting to report. OOH! Actually, I'm on iTunes!...

One of my songs (Carolina Blue) is on a compilation CD organised by Joan Armatrading, that's now available on iTunes! You just gotta type my name in and it should come up. Ooooor, click here!...

Skillzzzzz. Aw, the track duration is 3:21. Nifty.

Also, I was looking through some old family photos at the weekend. This is one of the ones I found. I actually really like these boots...if only they still fitted. Obvos I don't wish for tiny feet, just bigger shoes. As for the flannels...I had those instead of a snuggly blanket comfort things. They were way cooler...don't judge. ;)


Just noticed...once again, I match the blog!


mercury said...

I will add 'chillaxing' to my personal word pool.

H said...

You've never heard it before? Oh WG, you've been missing out!

Tony said...

Yeps, you for def have mad skillz now with internettybloggo stuff; so much so.

So...3rd year and absolutely loads of lovely work to look forwards to :p
If nothing else it should keep you out of mischief for the duration.
Judging by the cheeky grin on the face of the young diva in the pic it would seem that you do indeed need something to keep you from mischiefs.
The groovy wee shoes kind of remind me a bit of my fave footwear in the 60's; Desert Boots, though I never had a red pair.
The red/white/blue does seem to be a recurring theme just lately and I have to say it suits.

I would never dream of judging anyone for their choice of comfort accoutrements, mine at about the age you are in the pic (4ish?) was a 3 coloured torch that went everywhere with me for years, I was a bit scared of the dark and it was a godsend.

Yvonne and I took our neighbour's dog for a walk down by the river this morning and I saw my first ever shrew! Of course by the time I got my phone out to take a pic it vanished into the undergrowth, but the feeling of joy lingers.
Even though we live pretty close to the eyesore that is Luton, there are lots of lovely walks right near us....nature is the dogs tatties ain't it!

Erk...rambling again **note to self, grow up a bit :) **


yizhivika said...

"Swiftly the years, beyond recall..."

How time flies, and that quote is the opening line of one of my favourite Chinese poems, translated by Arthur Waley...

Anyway, well done, Holly, getting some recognition from a singing legend like Joan Armatrading (who, incidentally I'm going to see performing at the King's Theatre in Southsea a week tomorrow :))

I should add that it seems a very long time now since I received a copy of "A Woman You Don't Know" from you (my favourite song on which, incidentally, is probably the one that gave its name to this blog ;)), and some of us are really looking forward to your second album of songs on CD, whenever it's released.

Anyway, enjoy your final year at Uni, and take care :)