Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Come dine with me!

Howdy peoples. :)

How are we all? So for the past few days I've been musicking, chilling a little, and last night, we went to one of my housemate's (Tim's... tbmusicuk.blogspot.co.uk ;)) old housemates' houses for a yummy three course meal! We're cooking for them next week, and need to think of a tasty menu...we're scoring each other, to decide the champion of cooking the student three course meal...we haven't thought of the prize yet...it'll just be the glory of it I expect. ;) I think Tim is documenting it though, so there may be some slightly embarrassing videos to show you at some point!

Also...expect collaborations soon. ;) Like...real life ones...not over the internet....oooooooh. ;)

(Musicking all day today! Should be rather fun. :))

TTFN xxxxxx


xenonrush said...

How about the salmon curry? It's so yummy. Unless you've got fussy eaters who don't like fish.
So,e of the codes I have to type in when I upload a message are completely illegible and it sometimes takes 3 goes.

H said...

Hey Xeno! - unfortunately our household is an anti-fish one, so I have to think again! Curry is definitely a good idea though.

Those captcha things are a pain in the bottom...I'll see what I can do. xx

H said...

Have hopefully set it up so that you don't have to type the code in now Xeno. xx

David Ruben said...

I have recipes for Curried Parsnip soup, and (forgetting about main course) a Raspberry Torte which is evil, has almost no redeeming healthy qualities, is variously known as 'Death by Cream' and a doddle to make.

Oh, did i mention the 'almost' no redeeming features ? I sat down and worked out its nutritional content: per slice Calories 335, Protein 2.9g, Carbs 31.6g, Fats 25.3g and, unbelievably, Fibre 1g - yup, I no longer could claim it had no redeeming features, for a whole 1gram of fibre per slice.

Is there an email account I can drop the Word-document recipes to you ?