Sunday, 23 September 2012


Ok, so I made the cake! The Ultimate Chocolate Cake! Below is a photo of it...


And below is the verdict from two of my housemates. Maybe I should've just left you with the above picture. ;)

So, the verdict...lovely and moist! la la la la I can't hear you! xxxx


me said...

Lol ~ if I ever buy a restaurant I must remember never to employ Alex H ~ the way he was cutting that cake, the food would be destroyed before it even got to the customers! ;-)

Maybe if it is a teeny bit dry (mine always are :-( ~ try coffee cake next time ~ mmmmm ~ very moist!) ~ make some yummy chocolate custard (or sauce, in posh speak!)to disguise it ~ lol.

Looks fab anyway!

Larry said...

Awesome looking and by the looks like it's being enjoyed by the handsome lads. How's to fax me a bite? yum Over here, you would be the yummmy. :)

David Ruben said...

They better not complain my raspberry torte is dry and need of cream !