Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A new page in the Book of Days...

Good day to you lovely people. :)

The sun is shining in Guildford and I'm feeling quite productive. Saying that, it's 10.39, and I'm still in my pjs. Though you can be productive in your pjs, right? I do like mornings. It's like waking up to a blank canvas, or in my case...a new page in my lyric book, or a new Logic project. ;)

I really want to do another cover for YouTube soon...doing covers gives me new ideas for my own songs. I don't mean that in the plagiaristic sense!...Just that the feelings you get when you sing a song by someone else, can often be transferred into the creation of your own songs. You get a sense of the style...and the emotion that you want to portray.

Anyhow, I had better go and change out of my pjs, and start music making! I will also try to introduce you to my housemates through the medium of video in the near future! ;) And give you a grand tour of our house! lol. I will try really hard not to waffle on too much. :-/ (Though it is quite inevitable that I will waffle on too much.)

Oh and I shall leave you with this video by my favourite musical lady ever!

TTFN xxxxx


me said...

Is the Enya video a hint as to a cover we may hear in the future, or is that just wishful thinking on my part :-( Oh well!

Have fun musicing :-)

Larry said...

Agree, me, Holly's Enyas are touching beyond words. Just got up here too, across the pond, to a beautiful sunny and cool fall day. Forgive me, lol, but imho, PJs are great for sleeping or lounging around before taking on the new day in full force. One of my most loved photos is of you sleeping peacefully in those white ones that had the little red hearts all over, lol. That was in London. A time I am sure neither of us will ever forget. :) I pray that you have a wonderful and blessed day. :)

mercury said...

In Bavaria the weather changed from very hot to thunderstorms. Maybe the Guildford weather is swashing all over the continent.
I'm keen on your new covers. Even your covers are distinct interpretations, sometimes touched by a sadness, that leaves me behind frightened a n d delighted. It's a kind of mystical experience. Strange but true.
Now I have to watch football Germany:Austria. An intrafamily match. :-)

caperguy2000 said...