Friday, 21 September 2012

A blog cardi!

Hey, I bought a winter cardi that matches my blog theme! And it wasn't even intentional! Honest. *Shifty eyes*

WIN! Wearing this makes me feel like I should be good at baking for some reason. Why? Weird.

OH! I know! There's a contestant on "The Great British Bake Off" who wears jumpers kind of like this. He's a dude. That's a good show...and makes me want to bake. I think that I'll bake something over the weekend, as practice for our little "Come Dine With Me" night. I bought two cake tins, a metal mixing bowl and a whisk today. I'm all prepared! Maybe I'll document my practice via pictures. That will be "interesting". *cough cough*

So what shall I bake? A cake. But what kind? Hmmm. I'm doing a raspberry torte on Monday, recipe courtesy of our very own David Ruben! But tomorrow I fancy doing a spongey thing.

Hmm...which one of these three? You pick. I'll do the one with the most votes - state your preference in the comments! ;)

1. The Chocolate Marble Cake...

2. The Ultimate Chocolate Cake...

3. The Chocolate Caramel Cake...

Before you say anything...I'm not actually a chocoholic! I'd prefer a good old bakewell, lemon drizzle cake, carrot cake, or coffee cake, but my housemates are pretty into their chocolate, and they're the ones who are going to be doing the eating! ;)

(((Hugs))) xxxxx


me said...

The ultimate chocolate cake looks the yummiest for chocoholics!!! That gets my vote, If it comes out really good, I might try one too! :-)

Tim Barnes said...

Well i LOVE chocolate & Caramel so thats a WIN for me personally but the others sound delicious too You could try using boh milk and white chocolate perhaps? :)

mercury said...

Your nice cardi made me listen 'Norwegian Wood' on Youtube. Haven't heard it for decades.
The ultimate chocolate cake seems to me the right one for long cold dim winter nights. I'd prefer the lighter chocolate marble cake, when it's warm outside.

Tony said...

Chocolate marble is a long time fave of mine but not made with cocoa powder, my wife uses melted belgian chocolate and swirls it into the mix just before baking it...delish!
I watch the great british bake off too and often find myself thinking that the bakers seem a tad cack-handed lol

As to your Dine With Me night, just wear your new cardi, and if you got them yet some classy new trews and any minor slips will be forgiven instanter!

xx ^~^

xenonrush said...

It's got to be the ultimate choc cake. The others barely have enough chocolate to be worthy of the title. Tony's Belgian choc into the marble cake sounds good and might just make the choc cake category.
Better not wear the cardi when you are baking. The blue will clash with the flour and chocolate that you spill on it.