Thursday, 30 August 2012


We have a rather awesome lecturer at Uni called Allan Moore, who teaches us about pop songs, and how they work etc....he's so interesting to listen to, and has recently had a(nother) book published called 'Song Means'. Alex (Subsonic Winter - previously mentioned, lovely housemate) and I are in his lectures together, and are fans. ;) Yesterday, Alex received his book in the post, and took a photo...then I took a photo with mine...then he retook his photo and joined it with his. Look! We're twins! ;) It made me smile rather a lot! The result is below. Just look at how cool we are. (Oh, I'm on the right.) ;)

In my last post, I was a little confused-sounding, and pretty down...but after feeling the lowest I've ever felt (cue the violins. lol)...I feel I'm going up again. Time for the next chapter, and whatever that may hold. :) Lots of music for sure! And knowing me, another haircut, change of "image", etc. :P

I shall leave you with a song today, that will either make you smile, or irritate you. :P I rather love it, but I do love a good bit of cheese. Did you know that edam is made backwards?...gotcha. (Or not.)

Shania really needs to get a new t-shirt. Disgraceful.

OH! Also...recently we had our annual family gathering. :D I love it. I'm very lucky to be a part of a very loving, caring family. I thought I'd post the group picture we this is my family (just on Mum's side - I have a fair few on Dad's too!)...

Over and out! xxxxxxx


Larry said...

You are a case! lol Albeit a very lovely and talented one. Take care. :) Love the family photo!

Tony said...

Pleased to see you back in charge and hunky-dory again...

I on the other hand am about to blow several fuses and rain the most horridest curses I can think of onto the vile demonic entity that is Virgin Media and all who sail in it!£&?>!

Just after my last post my modem and router went kerblooie ... so after spending several eternities on the phone talking to people I could either not hear, or not understand, often both, I got them to agree that the modem wasn't working and to send out an "engineer" with the new one.

Said "engineer" arrived today, fitted the new modem and got 2 of my 3 pc's hooked up (plugged it all in and clicked connect)
The 3rd one, the laptop my wife uses, wouldn't log in to the net...The "engineer's" response, "Sorry mate, I just install the thing, you'll have to phone support to sort it out."

Another several eternities spent in the hell dimension known as "Technical Support" and I am told in the gentle tones reserved for drunks and idiots, "Your laptop is too old (4 yrs) to work with our wonderful new super hub, you need to spend "gawd-knows-how-much" to get it upgraded or we can send you a nifty USB adaptor for just £30!"

Ohhh, I do so love a good rant.
Now wondering whether to go out and buy a fountain pen and an abacus...

**Now I must sing "Always look on the bright side of life" until everything is tickety boo again**

hugs n stufz

Tony said...

urrghh...I just read what I wrote in the last post and realised it might have seemed just a teensy weensy bit self centered.

Lovely matching photos of you and Alex, matching T shirts as well as matching books!
Looking forward to the re-invented new look coming our way, though not sure if another haircut would be good...winter will soon be upon us and a bald head would get chilled :)
How about dying it black with magenta and lime green highlights? tee hee

Love the family snap...yes, very lucky indeed, family is great and yours looks to be just a couple short of a football stadium and all looking happy and joyful.

Ima shut up now :)

mercury said...

The title of the book sounds interesting. Reminds me of Stefan
Mickisch, his combination of lectures and musical performance and his concept of key structure and key-relationship. This guy is so inspiring (Look at "BBC Stephen Fry on Wagner"). Wanted to see Mickisch him in Bayreuth playing and explaining. But he had a tendonitis and wasn't able to play. :-(((

yizhivika said...

Love the family photo,and I actually recognise four of the individuals in it...H, secret squirrel, wightvixen and Mr wightvixen ;)