Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pieces - Holly Kirby

Hello lovely people. :) Today I put this on YouTube. A new song that I wrote called "Pieces". :) Would be brill to know what you think of it. :) xxxx


mercury said...

I have to reverse my comment, I made once. Please forgive me my inappropriate harshness!
I like this song much more, than I did at first, when I thought: "Not a song of failing love again!". After my first choler calmed down, I was able to appreciate the nuances and the tender melancholy. You did a fine job.

me said...

Failing in love is tough Wolfie :-(

Great song again Holly! :-)xxx

xenonrush said...

"Oi loikes that"! Clever lyrics beautifully sung. The duet sound (I expect there's a technical term) is really good. Two Holly's for the price of one. And really good when one of the voices sings something different at 2:08. Reminds me of round about 3:02 in "I'm right here". I just love the sound when that happens.
So much material for the next album or is that two albums since I still think you should do the Late Night Piano Bar album as well.

Me ~ Falling in love is easy. It's what comes after than can be tough.

mercury said...

Yep! The most fascinating thing about love is this vice versa seduction to excessive candour, always presupposing a lack of lockable interests and always endangered by the intrusion of Freudian defence mechanisms, especially projection. LOL

me said...

Very wise words you two ~ like you say the falling is the easy bit :-) ~ the 'failing' is the hard bit.

Good to be able to write songs to help get it all out! :-)

xenonrush said...

I just noticed (I must be a bit slow) whilst listening to I'm Right There, one of my favourites, on Soundcloud that Holly is omnipresent because on YT she sings I'm Right Here.
As Larry would say "Yikes! I'm surrounded."

Larry said...

Lol, Xeno. Songs about love are rather peculiar to me having never 'been in love'. The pain of separation, rejection and unfaithfulness are all too well known though. My prayer for everyone is that they keep their minds and wits about them at all times and do not make the same mistakes I did, throwing 50 years of life right into the toilet. Just back from hospital and headed for the new song! :)

Larry said...

P.S. @Xeno Isn't that what Gen. Custer said? :)

mercury said...

I think it was General Paulus in winter 1942/43.

Tony said...

Glad you enjoyed your Canada experience Holly and of course everyone cried at the Olympics...Stiff upper lip??? more like wobbly lower ones for this nation of emotion overload junkies :p

(Natch I wept along with 'em all, just the despair or joy on their faces is hard to resist)

I bet your Shedio will be sooo groovy, can't wait to see piccies!

Have a hug or three