Thursday, 2 August 2012

Changing times...

Howdy! How are we all?

I have a lot to chat on about today. :)

The parentals and I have just returned from an interesting holiday in Canada! It's a very cool country...huuuuuuge in comparison to the Island. ;) And anywhere else I've seen! It was quite amazing to fly over the Rockies, Greenland, London etc. too. 9 hours in the plane. Our longest flight! I've only flown twice. Once was to France - and that only took about an hour! So this was quite a different experience. Especially with numerous children crying/having tantrums on the way over, and the vomiting child/back massage from the child behind me's feet on the way back. ;) I think the fact that I didn't turn around and give that particular child the death stare is proof that it takes a lot to annoy me. :P

So anyhow, that was a good break, and now it's back to normality. Though I'm just establishing what that is. I haven't quite got back into the mindset of being on my own just yet, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely. The olympics are helping to be honest. :P Haha. I've never been into sport before really, but I've taken more of an interest this year, since it's here in the UK, and I'm so pleased I have. I get all teary whenever we win a medal! The higher the rank, the more tears. :P I'm getting pretty patriotic in my old age...

Also, I have a project in mind!...Which I am currently planning...but have reached a point where I feel I'm just going round in circles. :-/

The plan make a studio out of a shed in the garden. But first I have to get a shed, and then soundproof it. And the dilemma I have at the moment I buy a very basic shed and adapt it? i.e...add heavy doors and block up windows/add triple glazed ones? Or...ask a construction company to build the shed from scratch...including the special doors/windows/soundproofing...hmm. Hmmm...
Anyhow, I feel that I have been taking over the kitchen/annoying the neighbours for too long ;), so thought it might be a good idea to make my own space for composing/recording. I shall keep you posted here as it all happens. I'm really keen on the idea, and hopefully it won't take a really long time!

It's getting close to bedtime now, and I've got to do a few bits and bobs before bed, so I'll say bye for now - and see you again shortly!

I hope you're all well. xxxxx


mercury said...

A studio in a shed, seems to me a very good idea. I found a simple description in German (time for you to revive your language skills)giving a bunch of hints for such an enterprise. Very interesting how he/she managed to overcome the weak spot door. The use of a frame work for isolating the walls is very persuasive:

Larry said...

Sound proofing a room is quite a job. Bass is hard to deal with. Double walls with air space and of course suspended framework etc. Gets maddening. I once did that to a room of this house, spent a fortune and even then, it could shake a house many doors away. Not an easy task. Get professional advice for sure.

Might be easier to just build a new kitchen out there? :)

Glad you got to go to Canada!

H said...

Thanks for your comments! :D Yes...seems to be a pretty difficult task...though I'm pretty determined now. I just hope that I won't build it all, soundproof it, hit play and find it doesn't contain any of the sound. :P I'll post pictures here of my progress! :)

mercury said...

Es wird doch ein paar starke Männer geben, die Dir dabei helfen! :-)

David Ruben said...

I'm gonna show my complete ignorance here - is sound proofing so important these days ? If one plays electronic instruments, all playback can be through headphones. Your only accoustic instrument is the guitar, which is not going to be that loud from within a shed, and the only requirement is reasonable acoustics for ones voice, and that surely is more an issue of a good microphone ?

David Ruben said...

ps how's this for a garden shed to record in I suspect you're looking for a slightly more sophisticated set up.

Derek J said...

Hi Holly
soundproofing a shed may not be as easy or as cheap as you hope. For a start a standard shed is pretty flimsy and sound reduction depends on high mass and careful design to avoid sound communicating through solid components. You also need to worry about it being warm enough in winter.

I have built log cabin music studios for schools and can offer some simple advice on sound proofing.

1. create a shed within a shed with all the inner surfaces separated from the outer surfaces with soundproofing material. For example rubber blocks under the floor joists. Acoustic felt over the ceiling, acoustic felt under the floor, and also behind the walls.

2. Put two layers of plasterboard on the walls one above the other. Plasterboard is cheap and has high mass.

3. You can buy special plasterboard hangers to minimize the contact area between the plasterboard and the wall studs.

4. Have no windows at all! Saves on cost and improves soundproofing-

5. Use heavy fabric over the door and draped over the walls.

And if you decide on a log construction be aware that logs shrink and you will get gaps in the walls if you start screwing things to the inside that prevents them moving.

I get my acoustic materials from these guys. They are pretty good.