Thursday, 30 August 2012


We have a rather awesome lecturer at Uni called Allan Moore, who teaches us about pop songs, and how they work etc....he's so interesting to listen to, and has recently had a(nother) book published called 'Song Means'. Alex (Subsonic Winter - previously mentioned, lovely housemate) and I are in his lectures together, and are fans. ;) Yesterday, Alex received his book in the post, and took a photo...then I took a photo with mine...then he retook his photo and joined it with his. Look! We're twins! ;) It made me smile rather a lot! The result is below. Just look at how cool we are. (Oh, I'm on the right.) ;)

In my last post, I was a little confused-sounding, and pretty down...but after feeling the lowest I've ever felt (cue the violins. lol)...I feel I'm going up again. Time for the next chapter, and whatever that may hold. :) Lots of music for sure! And knowing me, another haircut, change of "image", etc. :P

I shall leave you with a song today, that will either make you smile, or irritate you. :P I rather love it, but I do love a good bit of cheese. Did you know that edam is made backwards?...gotcha. (Or not.)

Shania really needs to get a new t-shirt. Disgraceful.

OH! Also...recently we had our annual family gathering. :D I love it. I'm very lucky to be a part of a very loving, caring family. I thought I'd post the group picture we this is my family (just on Mum's side - I have a fair few on Dad's too!)...

Over and out! xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Hello, people of the blogosphere. :)

Here's my latest video...a song about fate, and serendipity, actually. ;)

Lately I've come to realise that it's not always easy to understand why certain things happen. You would've thought I'd have realised this by now...but I guess I've been lucky. I've always felt very much in charge of my own emotions, and actually felt that I was quite a strong person. But recently I've found it hard to work out whether I actually am strong, or weak. I've always been one to follow my gut, follow my heart, and work out the best path that way. But recently, I've realised that it's not as simple as that, and that, actually can be a pretty selfish way of looking at things. Sure, you have to do what makes you happy, but would you truly be happy if you are hurting people at the same time? I guess it comes back to a saying that I love, and think of every so often... "The truth of the matter is, you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it."
I was very lucky to have been brought up with a good sense of what is right and wrong, that will stay with me forever. If I know something is wrong, I will feel guilty. And therefore, know I have to change it.

So I guess I do still believe in following your heart. But following your heart is not just about you. You have to think of how doing what you want will affect those around you. If you're not happy with how you'd make them feel, don't do it. If everyone's happy, you can't go far wrong.

WAHEEEY we got all deep there for a sec! Ok, I'm outta there now. ;)


Here's a new song, called "Serendipity". I think serendipity is quite a lovely concept, and I've always loved the film! Haha. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a fairytale. We can always dream.

I hope you are all well. :) xxxxx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pieces - Holly Kirby

Hello lovely people. :) Today I put this on YouTube. A new song that I wrote called "Pieces". :) Would be brill to know what you think of it. :) xxxx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Changing times...

Howdy! How are we all?

I have a lot to chat on about today. :)

The parentals and I have just returned from an interesting holiday in Canada! It's a very cool country...huuuuuuge in comparison to the Island. ;) And anywhere else I've seen! It was quite amazing to fly over the Rockies, Greenland, London etc. too. 9 hours in the plane. Our longest flight! I've only flown twice. Once was to France - and that only took about an hour! So this was quite a different experience. Especially with numerous children crying/having tantrums on the way over, and the vomiting child/back massage from the child behind me's feet on the way back. ;) I think the fact that I didn't turn around and give that particular child the death stare is proof that it takes a lot to annoy me. :P

So anyhow, that was a good break, and now it's back to normality. Though I'm just establishing what that is. I haven't quite got back into the mindset of being on my own just yet, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely. The olympics are helping to be honest. :P Haha. I've never been into sport before really, but I've taken more of an interest this year, since it's here in the UK, and I'm so pleased I have. I get all teary whenever we win a medal! The higher the rank, the more tears. :P I'm getting pretty patriotic in my old age...

Also, I have a project in mind!...Which I am currently planning...but have reached a point where I feel I'm just going round in circles. :-/

The plan make a studio out of a shed in the garden. But first I have to get a shed, and then soundproof it. And the dilemma I have at the moment I buy a very basic shed and adapt it? i.e...add heavy doors and block up windows/add triple glazed ones? Or...ask a construction company to build the shed from scratch...including the special doors/windows/soundproofing...hmm. Hmmm...
Anyhow, I feel that I have been taking over the kitchen/annoying the neighbours for too long ;), so thought it might be a good idea to make my own space for composing/recording. I shall keep you posted here as it all happens. I'm really keen on the idea, and hopefully it won't take a really long time!

It's getting close to bedtime now, and I've got to do a few bits and bobs before bed, so I'll say bye for now - and see you again shortly!

I hope you're all well. xxxxx