Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Onwards and upwards!

Hello again lovely people of the blogosphere :)

I'm back! Two days in a row! I know...quite shocking. ;)

The reason for it...I guess I'm feeling a little melancholy. Even though I wrote the song in the previous post a while ago, the theme is pretty current. As situation has changed from the one I was writing about a few posts ago. Clue ->  -  ......yup, you guessed it.

Saying goodbye to love is not an easy thing to do. But I'm trying. It's just pretty hard sometimes. I guess that now is one of those times, hence me being here, needing a virtual hug. :P

Ok, less of the wallowing in self pity now. ;)

Today I mainly cooked spaghetti bolognese, chased a muddy cat around the house so she didn't get on Mum's cushions, and made some plans for my music!...what have you guys been up to? ;)

Also, I really like this song:

I was lucky enough to meet Emmy The Great at Bestival - at which time I hadn't heard her music. She's a great songwriter - really interesting, and worth checking out. :)

OOH! Also. A little while ago I did some vocals for my lovely friend, Alex. He was doing a rework of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" for coursework...and here it is! He is also definitely worth checking out. ;) His artist name is "Subsonic Winter"'s his website if you fancy checking out some of his original material...

He is also going to be one of my housemates for the next year, which I'm very excited about. :)

I'd better go now - dinner time! :)


P.S - I feel better just talking to you about this. ;)


xenonrush said...

Consider yourself virtually hugged and freed from wallowing in self pity.
In the words of Samuel Taylor Coleridge:-
To meet, to know, to love--and then to part,
Is the sad tale of many a human heart.
It even happened to me, once.

It's clearly time for some therapeutic photographyness. Assuming you can find a dry day.

Sounds like Violet is enjoying the wet weather. Great time to get nice and muddy.

Hope you enjoyed the spag bol. I guess I will have to go and cook something in a while since The Management has gone off to her charity student prize giving leaving me to fend for my self. Think I will have to rustle up a nice curry.

xenonrush said...

And the tracks were really good. Hadn't heard of Emmy The Great before. Reminded me a bit of some of Lilly Allen's stuff which I like. The Another Brick In The Wall track was pretty cool. I really like 'Breathy Kirby' when she's singing.

xenonrush said...

And I like the new look of the blog page.

And I can't stop typing.

Trying to fill the page before Larry and Wolfie start writing. :)

Larry said...

Lol, @ Xeno. Will keep it short. Holly, sending you tons of love and hugs from across the ocean. :)

Larry said...

Just want to say, 'Nice Work!' to Alex. Really awesome. Beautiful vocals, Holly. Wow! :)

H said...

Haha :D Aww thanks lads ;) What kind of curry are you doing, Xeno? Your salmon one? I still need to try making that!
Thank you for the hugs :D I'm smiling now!
I'll tell Alex about your lovely comments! :) He'll be very chuffed. :) xx

Tony said...

Eeeek!! I will have to check in more often...
Okeydokey, cyber hug needed, duly given. The great benefit of cyber hugs is you don't get any of those embarassing moments when one leans too far and you both fall on respective bums!

RightyO, Unkly advice time: ** Adopts pose, clears throat...clears throat again...Blushes, stammers..."Well, you could..umm..Maybe if..umm.."

See, a bit of advice goes a long way, Phew, glad I got that over with.
Ahh, I know, have another hug; then mayhap a Coke Float.

mercury said...

Despite having some doubts in the potency of cyber hugs (considering my poem), Holly here is one on its long way! Wait a little! Just trying to elongate my virtual arms.

H said...

Awww Tony!!! Your post made me smile so much! :D Haha. Thank you muchly for the highly unawkward Unkly advice and unembarrassing cyber hugs! ;)

Lol! And I'm still waiting for your cyber hug to arrive, WG! How much longer until the elongation process is done? :P

xenonrush said...

I guess Wolfie's elongated arms are queueing at passport control waiting to get into the country. At the current speed immigration is working the arms should arrive about the end of the Olympics.

mercury said...

Holly, cyberhugs are about to arrive!!! Solar winds hampered the elongation a little bit, not to mention the grim-faced coast-guard guys. Phew!

Alex Harden said...

If I may just take this opportunity to say Holly, I'm very much excited that you're my housemate tooo XD And it's no surprise your adoring fans like you singing Another Brick In The Wall!

See you soooon, cyberhugs!

ps. we will be a bolognese-cooking household.