Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A New Heart

Hello lovely people of the blogosphere! :) (that's a word, right? :P)

I come bearing a video. And with it, a song! This one is called "A New Heart". A little song about...well, I'll just let you listen. :)

I recorded this one at Uni, with some friends. And real instruments! It would be lovely to hear what you think of it. :)

Wow, that's a special looking picture it has grabbed up there. :P Nice face, Holly.

I hope you are all well! :)

Lots of love xxxx


Larry said...

The song is light, lovely and happy. I bet y'all had fun making it. Very nice. Left handed? :)

H said...
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H said...

Hi Larry! :D Haha, no I forgot to flip the video when I added the titles! lol. Oops. :P I'm really pleased that you like it! :D x

mercury said...

Your song made me melancholic.So I had to write a little German poem.

Melancholie in der Blogosphäre

Ja, wenn sie nur 'ne Sphäre wäre,
doch leider ist sie nur Chimäre.
Ein Meinungsmeer von A - Z
Immer Weltall, niemals Bett

Sie schützt uns nicht die Blogosphäre
und wenn es draußen Winter wäre,
sie hielte uns kein bisschen warm.
Ein echter Sphären-Fehlalarm

Da lob ich mir die warme Decke,
die zieh ich mir zum Sphärenzwecke
weit über Nase, Mund und Ohren
und halte mich für ungeboren.

Jetzt die Moral von der Geschichte:
Blogosphäre und Gedichte -
Das eine hat im anderen Platz.
Doch Worte sind auch nur Ersatz.

me said...

..♩.¸¸♬´¯`♬HAPPY 100TH VIDEO DAY ;-) ¤¸¸.♬´¯`♬¸¸.♩
Well done on another great song! :-)

michelle said...

love it!!! :)

H said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments - thanks for the poem WG! Hehe...Blogosphäre. :D It translates well! lol.
Thank you, Me! lol. Can't believe it! I think the limit for YT is 500 vids, so a few more years yet. ;) lol.
Thank you Michelle! I'm really pleased that you like it! :D