Friday, 13 April 2012

You & I

Hello everyone! How are we all?

I come bearing a new video. :) A new song! An original this time...called You & I. :)

Here 'tis...

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated! :)

I hope you are all well!

Time for me to go to bed now...but oh wait...looks like my bed is already occupied!

The cheek of some......Violet... :P

Nighty night!

Holly :) 


Larry said...

It is beautiful, Holly. Looks like you are back on the island, judging by the photo of Violet, lol.

mercury said...

Dieses Lied ist dir sehr gut gelungen. Stimme und Instrumente kommunizieren auf geheimnisvolle Weise miteinander, als wären sie selbst dieses 'Du' und 'Ich'.
Und über Allem und in Allem eine ungeheure Dankbarkeit, die auch den Zuhörer erfasst. 'Dust settles on the ground'. Die akute Erregung ist vorüber, aber das Nachleuchten der Liebe geht weiter, wie eine endlose Melodie.

Tony said...

Another great song and video, both redolent with your happiness and contentment now. Thanks for sharing with us.

Can't help but comment on Violet: She has kind of narrowed her eyes, looks like she is thinking, "If you are going to try and shift me from this comfy repose, you and I are going to have a falling out; you REALLY don't want that now do you Holly?!?!"

I would tippy toe quietly away...


Anonymous said...

Very impressed is what I would say. A thought provoking, yet angelic perfection. Reis