Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I Surrender

Hello everyone! :D

How are we all? I come bearing a video. :P This time it's a cover of a song that someone gave to me, and I felt that it said exactly what I wanted to say to him...so I gave it back to him this way. :)

I had a little break in my studying to do this, but now I have a few deadlines coming up that I'm panicking about a tad. :P They are composition deadlines though, so in the next few weeks I will have at least two pieces to show you. :)

I hope you are all well!

Lots of love :)



xenonrush said...

Mmmmm! Very soothing. Glad to see that work isn't getting too much in the way of videos. And really looking forward to the finished compositions (but probably not as much as you are).

Tony said...

Hiya Holly,

grrrr, words are such sad, pale imitations when it comes to trying to describe emotions so deep and powerful they could light up new stars in the depths of space! Fortunately, music and expressions can say it better :)... and yours do, they tell the story.

So happy for you both Holly.
Sending hugz 'n flutterbyes and looking forwards to your next compositions: Take heart from the immortal words emblazoned on the "Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
"Don't Panic"



mercury said...

Gute Arbeit, alle Achtung Holly!!! Du hast Dich mal wieder selbst übertroffen. Übrigens verdanke ich Dir den letzten Kick für die Umsetzung eines alten Gedicht-Projekts: Ophelias Grab. Hier geht's auch um einen schönen Fremden. ;-) Das Ganze spielt in Regensburg auf der Steinernen Brücke.
Braut, Brücke, Fremder, Wasser und Ufer sind sehr beziehungsreiche Metaphern für romantische Gedichte.Irgendwie haben auch das berühmte Bild von John Everett Millais und natürlich Hamlet eine Rolle gespielt.
Ich hab's dann Santino auf Facebook gewidmet, der in letzter Zeit sehr am Altwerden leidet. Kann ich gut nachvollziehen.

David Ruben said...

Thank you for uploading, in the last week, the 2 pieces "Magpie" and "Closer to Me" to www.soundcloud.com/hollykirby