Thursday, 2 February 2012

On My Way

Hello there everyone :)

I am still Wight-side currently....trying to get over an annoying cold that has been hanging around for far too long! Most annoyingly, it has been stopping me from recording anything/doing a YouTube song/video. However, I will start working on one as soon as it will probably be a cover, but I am not 100% sure yet. Maybe I will suddenly get inspired and come out with a song. :)

When I get back to Uni I hope to be doing some more work on the songs we recorded around Christmas...and hopefully be able to put a few out/show you some. :) I am yet to work out how I am going to release the songs this time...but I shall keep you updated as the plan develops. ;)

Ooh I got my marks back for the work I posted previously! I got a first. :D Very excited about that. :) I am not generally a first student...I struggle my way through a I am very pleased about that. :) I don't feel that I have found my own 'voice' when writing music yet...or what I really feel works for me. However, I'll keep trying...though I do know that it is based more in acoustic instruments...a lot more. I'm still finding the electronic stuff very difficult.

I had better go now and get planning. ;)

TTFN! :)


P.S - I shall leave you with this song that makes me smile whenever I hear it! :)


Larry said...

Take good care of yourself and get well soon. It does not surprise me that you are 'still' finding out things about yourself. It is happening to me as well and, I am rather aged. LOL Just relax a bit and let life flow. Things have a way of working out, no matter what they are. Have fun and enjoy your precious youth. :)

um... goober? :) said...

Oh, you got a first on the exam, great! You worked hard, so you definitely earned that!

I look forward to your music :)

mercury said...

Congrats for the First!!! I have to listen 'Winter Flower Box' again...Ich mag es so sehr!
Hope you will recover soon from your cold!

I don't know, whether anyone is interested, but I want to report a little bit about some atmospherical changes in Germany, that seem to me very significant. I will call it an 'introversion'.

I have to say it clear: After 1945 the Germans were mostly occupied with rebuilding it's economy and struggling with the emotional consequences of the Third Reich. In a certain sense, we had lost our soul and core. This deprivation has been in my opinion the central reason for the German 'Angst'. My parental generatiob did manage to overcome the economical depression very soon and I remember the fast improvements in the early 1960s, when my family came to a little village near Stuttgart. But the 'Angst' still remained. It was projected on many things: The cold war, the terror of the RAF (Rote Armee Fraktion), the Nuclear Arms Race, the 'Waldsterben', the Nuclear Power,...and finally the 'Crisis'.

But now, something is happening, that never happened before: An unwillingness to have 'Angst'. May there were too many false alarms over the last years or we didn't went down tremendously after September 2008. A second reason might be the growing insight, that the ongoing rat race is self-destructive and doesn't lead to happyness. A third, that the European experiment had failed, not totally, but in some very central issues (e.g.:common foreign policy, Euro, enthusiasm).

The turning point is, strangely enough, marked by an extraordinary book, written by Thea Dorn and Richard Wagner(LOL). Its name is: 'Die deutsche Seele' and it is a compilation of 60 essays about symbolically charged terms in an alphabetic order.
It's a book leading away from the 'entertaining' and 'drawing a veil over everything' noise accompanying us over the years and resulting in deadly boredom. I think a fractal of a rhyme I did 2009 sums it up: 'Die Zeit ward lang, der Raum mir eng in dieser kalten Kammer'
I will closely watch the further development and keep you informed.

Tony said...

Hiya Holly, loads of stuffz there to be chuffed about, not least you getting a first for your work !!
Hard work and inherent talent are an awesome combination, well done you.

Great to hear that you are going to be doing some more tubes for us hungry fans, but LOOK AFTER YOUR VOICE! I can wholeheartedly recommend the juice of a fresh lemon, boiling water and a couple of teaspoons of honey. Not only will it beat back those invidious cold germs, but will do wonders for your throat.

Happy to hear that you feel your strength tends to acoustic as that is most definitely where my love of music lies also :)

Rock on Holly, hugs 'n barrels etc

xenonrush said...

Excellent news about the First. Every time you posted work for us to hear I always said that your tutors must be delighted with what they were having to mark so I wasn't that surprised they decided you were deserving.
The acoustic singer songwriter does it for me far more than the electronic although I did like your trance tracks despite the fact I'm not really a fan of the genre. I guess the uni thing is making you try new things so that's got to be good.

Wolfie ~ You comment about people in Germany not being so keen on the rat race reminded me of a slogan I saw on a T-shirt years ago "Just when you think you are winning the rat race along come the faster rats". Ain't that the truth.

Trevor said...

Great news about the First , Holly -- you thoroughly deserve it ! Great news too about the growing sense of direction and I , like Xeno , am really pleased that it's acoustic :D
Interesting stuff from you , Wolfie ; do you think the nation is poised to recover it's identity or to create a new one ? Take Care everyone . :)
PS loved the Rusted Root video .