Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love is in the air! :)

Hello lovely people! How are we all? :)

So today is Valentine's Day. :) And I break my (quite a few months long) YouTube silence with a chirpy little ukulele song for someone very special. ♥ ♥ 

I hope you like it!

Lots of lurrrve


Larry said...

Just so lovely. The little bell (or whatever they are) add a wonderful accent and feeling. Beautiful, as are you. :)

me said...

I love the tinkly bells too Larry, like shooting stars aren't they! Another lovely song Holly and I know sung with such feeling ;-)xxx

Larry said...

Yes, the feeling is the thing that makes it so awesome. I know it sure makes me feel something great. Bet you know what too. You know, Carolina (North) borders my state and is only about 25-30 miles away. Hmmm... :)

me said...

Hmmmmm indeed Larry :)
Have you seen the background on Holly's YouTube channel page? Those mountains can't be so very far away from you can they? :)

Larry said...

Lemme go look.

Larry said...

Hard to say. They could be the Appalachians which run from Maine to Georgia or the Great Smokeys, which are a bit more west of here. At any rate, I fine it very interesting that 'Carolina' is in the title. It is maybe my favorite state.

Tony said...

Thanks for this little gem Holly, and I am soooo happy for you that you have reason to celibrate Valentine's Day as it should be done, with love and happiness filling the air.

I've always liked the "breathy" highlights in your voice, and this song resonates with them.

As for the "double wink" (for the non-cognoscenti, read blink) at the end of the vid...a basket of puppies couldn't be cuter :p

hugs 'n stufz xx

Trevor said...

Lovely song , Holly :) As a fellow ukelele player , I loved the ukelele of course but it was great when the other instruments kicked in . Peerless singing , excellent lyrics and a particularly fine hook of a title . Brilliant .
PS I'm not really a fellow ukelele player ; I'm just someone who owns a ukelele ;)
PPS Thanks to Larry and Me for the geography lesson ---- very illuminating !

TV said...

My girlfriend never does something like that for me. Which is not that bad, because she sings like a dying pidgeon, but beeing loved by you seems to be quite a (sonic) sensation :D
Do you plan on putting out something like "The Lady and the Past" sometime again?

Oh, Larry, this track you sent me: I liked the kind of futuristic feeling, so it's pretty but decent to me. For modern and post-modern compositions I prefer the orchestral stuff by Gyögy Ligeti. Thanks for showing :)