Saturday, 22 December 2012


Hello lovely people!

I'm now at home, and having a bit of a break. :) The run up to the Christmas holiday was a bit of a stressful one at Uni, and we had presentations to give right up until the very last minute. Still, that's over now, and I can sit back and drink mulled wine and eat too much food until I can't put off coursework any longer. I have a deadline mid-January, so I'm working towards that at the mo. I'll be writing a few songs for that one. :)

Anyhoo - the main purpose of this post was to say a big MEEEERRRY CHRISTMAAAAAAAS!!! and send lots of virtual cyber hugs! And also, I have a little silly video for you! Onesie-o-rama here. Can you tell that I felt slightly embarrassed whilst filming?

Lots of Christmas love and kisses. I hope you have a great one. :) xxxxxxxx

Monday, 10 December 2012

Tinkers Lane

Hello lovely people!

Today (yesterday, eek! Just spotted the time!) I finished my Applied Music Coursework! - Here's the rest of the music that I composed for it - the in-show bits and bobs! Please let me know what you think. :)

I've started up a new page for my instrumental pieces - using my record label name - "Tinkers Lane". If you'd like to follow what I'm doing over there, here are the links I have at the moment... (haven't done anything there yet ;) Wordpress confuses me a bit...)

Lots of love and Isle of Wight mugs

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The United States of Tara

Hello people of the lovely variety!

I'm currently at a point before three deadlines, so I'm busy trying to get things finished off/ready to deliver to Uni over the next few days. However, I thought I'd stop by and post something that's part of my coursework.

Some of you may know the U.S TV show "The United States of Tara" - a comedy/drama about a lady who has Dissociative Identity Disorder. One piece of coursework required us to choose a TV show, and rewrite the theme tune, and some music within the show itself. The video below is the opening of the show along with the music that I've composed for it. Hope you like it! :)


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Rather chilly, eh?

Hi guys. :)

Thanks for your comments about the recording I posted the other day! I was using a vocal mic that I recently got hold of, so hopefully the clarity of the vocal part was a little better than in my previous recordings.

I got my essay marks back the other day. On one I did quite badly, and the other one (regarding how we define value in music) I got a 2:1 for, which is higher than I expected! And my lecturer (the rather legendary Allan Moore) said I raised some interesting points. - Actually, three of us did a presentation practice yesterday, in which I presented the ways that Sia's voice evokes emotion in the track below, and whilst Allan was giving feedback, he said that my contribution was 'superb', and he'd give it a first! Mega MEGA chuffed about that!! I'm really enjoying that module actually - probs because my confidence is growing a little. :)

(This is the track...)

OOH! Also, exciting news. I was asked to design a logo for a school - and they like what I came up with and are using it! :) It's a primary school. They'll have it on their uniforms, official school documents etc. Quite exciting! When things become all official and they switch to the new badge, I'll show it to you. :) (If I'm allowed...hopefully it'll be ok.)

I've got a lot of work due in very soon - so I'll have some more music to show you around mid-December time. And a BIIIIG deadline in January. (About six pieces of music.) So lots to show you then!

I hope you're all well! (We're mega chilly in our house at the moment as the boiler has packed in. :-/ I'm the one staying in waiting for him...he'd better turn up as I need to go out! I need bread...I had alphabet spaghetti for breakfast.)

Lots of love!

Monday, 26 November 2012

The Dialling Tone

Hello lovely people :)

I did a simple little recording as a break from work today. Not fabulous quality, but I thought I'd post it for you.

Lots of love xxxxxxxxx

 The Dialling Tone by hollykirby


It's 6am, he's all alone
One coffee later he picks up his mobile phone
And dials a dream, a lover undefined
He sets the scene, rehearses all his lines

"Good morning sweetheart, kiss me now
And wake my body up, for only you know how
To thrill me so, to soothe these days of woe.
I feel you here, the nights of sadness go."

She took his charm on the chin
But had already let him in
She'd invited him in
Before she knew he was a fool
He had rearranged the room
And the pieces of her too
A decadent play
Just a game, just a game
Re-igniting his flame
Girl by girl, day by day

"Oh say the words I long to hear,
I love you and the way you make me feel.
You have my heart, and all the things I am;
A fearless soul, a lion of a man."

He leaves her with the dialling tone
An emptiness inside, a dream she made her own
He's not her love - he faded with the dream
And what remains is lonely and obscene

She took his charm on the chin
But had already let him in
She'd invited him in
Before she knew he was a fool
He had rearranged the room
And the pieces of her too
A decadent play
Just a game, just a game
Re-igniting his flame
Girl by girl, day by day

She took his charm on the chin
But had already let him in
She'd invited him in
Before she knew he was a fool
He had rearranged the room
And the pieces of her too
A decadent play
Just a game, just a game
Re-igniting his flame
Girl by girl, day by day

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Hello lovely people :)

I just wanted to say - thank you so much - for your great, lovely, supportive comments on my last post. Even though it seemed like a bit of a downer compared to the one before it, the turning point/optimism has continued.

I finished the essays that I was whinging a lot about. I really don't have any idea as to how I've done, but I don't have high hopes. I did my best, and hopefully that's enough to get me through. We've now received another piece of coursework that's pretty tough, and it's due in before Christmas. Eek! I have to say, I'm definitely feeling the pressure of final year. It counts for so much more than the other years! :-/

Anyhow, despite the pressure, I'm feeling pretty good. I have to say, the other day I was walking along the road, and I just thought to myself... "yes, I'm happy." I just felt genuinely good. Nothing drastic had changed circumstance wise, the weather was still grey, I still had deadlines, but I thought to myself... I'm happy, I'm totally in charge of what I do, and I feel peaceful in myself. It was a moment that I'd been hoping for, for what seemed to be a long while. But it was when I stopped actively wanting and hoping to feel better that the moment came when I did. It's one big new beginning, and I guess since music is such an important part of my life, you'll hear it in my music. I don't mean I'm going to go all dubstep/, but maybe there'll be something there that you recognise as being different. I'm just saying this, but there may be NO change at all! Lol. But maybe there will be. :)

Over the next couple of months I'll be working hard on writing music for TV/film clips for my coursework, but I'll try to post what I do here. I haven't written music in what feels like ages!

(And in between I'll be recording my album tracks. :))

TTFN - I'll get to work. :)


P.S...lovely autumnal colours in Surrey :)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Slight annoyance. (Big understatement.)


I'm afraid this is going to be a grumpy/whiney post. I'm using the blog as a bit of an outlet here.

A week on Monday I have two essays due in. One is on semiotic mapping in functional music. The other is about the value of it's defined. But the problem is, the deeper I delve into these topics...the more I think..."what's the point in me doing this?"

We have to do a lot of reading around each of these topics to support our arguments. It's painful. To someone who's interested in these subjects I imagine it's fascinating, but personally I struggle to maintain concentration for more that 30 seconds at a time. My reaction to whatever I read is "why does it matter? Why don't you just enjoy the music?" Sure, studying it can be useful sometimes. The functional music essay is more 'useful' in terms of composition ideas/rules, but music is SO subjective. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to what constitutes musical value. Why try to define it? Why does it matter that I love Enya's music and you think she's boring? Your reasoning as to why she's  dull is not going to persuade me that she is, because I like her. That's that. I'm not going to suddenly fall in love with your genre because you like it, and tell me it has more 'value' than mine.

Also, I'm awful at reading. Unless I'm really, genuinely interested in what I'm reading, I'm there for 5 minutes, and then off making a cup of tea or writing a song. I used to read a lot of fiction when I was younger, and then I read the literature that I had to for English at school, but I've only read one or two apart from that. I'd MUCH rather read fiction, or an inspirational book, than a non-fiction book or one on analysis. But as I said, it's not often at all that I choose to read a book. Because if I have spare time, I normally choose to do music. Or write here. ;)

One thing that's also infuriating me recently is the way in which I feel I'm being treated due to my lack the course. I do my work on time (despite whinging at you guys about it), and I do it to the best of my ability. However, I do my work when I do it, and I don't want to talk about it when I'm done. It doesn't rule my life, and I'm not planning on a career in academia. I just want to graduate and get on with my life. Therefore, naturally, I probably do not apply myself as much as someone who wants to be an academic etc. - and when it comes to being successful at Uni, I really do feel that it's one big memory test. You have to remember all the 'facts' and 'methodologies' that are thrown at you, and apply them where and when they should be applied. Now to the part I'm actually annoyed at...

The fact that I'm not great at remembering things I'm not interested in does NOT mean that I'm thick, and therefore, I'd prefer not to be treated so.

This is going to sound kind of lame, but the other day I was sat in my room feeling quite down. I was struggling with my essays, and actually felt pretty thick after some comments that had been made with regard to my intelligence, so I took an IQ test to see if I was ACTUALLY as below average as I felt I'd been made out to be. On the test I got 132, which is actually ok, and made me feel better, but after I'd taken the test I got annoyed at how I'd let myself feel that way. I'm way too sensitive. Sometimes I think that because I smile and laugh at things that people say, they assume I don't care. But afterwards I think about things that have been said and I do really take them to heart. Then I write an angry song. Lol.

I so wish I could write a song/get on with my album right now! But I'm stuck with these essays for the time being. I just want to get on, graduate, and live my life. I feel everything I want to do is on hold whilst I'm doing something I don't want to do. Bummeroony.

I shall leave you with this song. I feel it has value because I like it. And I listen to it because I enjoy listening to it, and it makes me feel comforted. Why? Because it just does. I'm happy with that. I don't feel the need to delve any deeper.

Wow. There's the scorpio's sting.

Lots of love

Thursday, 25 October 2012

To Ireland I'll Away...

Hello lovely people. :)

Today I was browsing my compositions in iTunes, and I spotted this one...that I never uploaded anywhere. Because I'm not very keen on it! But someone out there might like it, so here it is. :) A celtic one that I wrote...

Lots of love xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Now, we begin...

It's nearly midnight, and I'm sat in my room with a hot chocolate in my favourite mug, writing to you.

Look...crazy proof:

This is a thermal camera too, so you can tell that my cup has hot stuff in. No expense spared at Tripping Through Violets HQ.

When I was uploading that picture I found this old one from when I was in the process of designing album number one's artwork! How things have changed! lol...

I look like a proper bumpkin. I love Violet's pose though. Such a cutie.

Anyway! Today I was thinking about life. As one does. And I feel that today/yesterday, I started a new chapter. Genuinely. You go through tough times, you don't feel yourself, and sometimes it feels that the day when you feel like you again will never come. Of course you know it will, but it's hard to believe it when you don't feel it inside. But now, I feel like me again. I feel in control, I feel optimistic, and I'm ready to start a new chapter. :)

At the moment I'm writing two essays, and in the swing of working hard and trying my very best with my studies. I'm determined to get a first for my degree. Very determined. So I'll try my very very best and work my socks off.

I'm also going to try to get fit this year, exercising each day. (From when I get the exercise bike from home. ;))

I'm also going to work on re-recording some of my songs for an album/EP during study breaks. :) I'm not sure of the rate at which I'll be able to do this, but I'll give it a go. I want to release something that contains the songs from my Uni years. Kind of looking back over the years. :) I'll do all the recording/artwork etc. myself, so it's completely 100% homemade. (Apart from getting the copies pressed!)

I also want to add a little something before I say goodnight. (Or good morning! Depending on when you read this. ;)) When I want to be sure of how I feel, the real test is what music I'm listening to. If it's melancholy, that generally means I'm a bit blue. But recently I've been discovering some really lovely music. New to me, but not in general. I'll leave you with this one, by Enya's sister - Moya's so calming and pretty...

And if you want a laugh, I've been listening to this one a lot recently. Yes, I'm a Katy Perry fan. ;)

Nighty night lovely people. :)


P.S...what do you reckon about this as a potential track listing?...
(Not in order yet.)

Crazy Rolling Train
Mrs Moonlight
Forever Bound To Fairytales
The Tallest Tree
Go Figure
Waiting For Time
Hearts & Roses
I'm Right Here
Queen of Hearts (don't think this is online anywhere!)

(+ One that I haven't written yet)

Bonus Track:
The Lady & The Past

P.P.S...I also decided today that when I'm older I'd like to get one of these dogs. I think they are very cool. The Labernese...a cross between a Labrador and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Naaaaaaw.


Saturday, 20 October 2012


Hello lovelies :)

Happy Weekend! I hope you're all groovy. :) I'm still getting over my cold. Grrr. And also essay writing. Well...trying! There are so many distracting things! Like making tea. And funny little gifs like this:

(The awkward moment when you realise you're caught in the back of a live broadcast...)

The thing is, I have no idea how I found that. I slipped into the trance-like aimless internet browsing state.

And now back to essaying! Well. Maybe some lunch first.

Lots of love xxxxxx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Just another manic(ish) Monday...

Hello lovely people of the blogosphere :)

How are we all? Uni has started up again, and is back to its normal pace! And I've come down with a cold. So that kind of halts the songwriting/recording, unless I choose to go for the bunged up sound. I guess it's kind of good in a way though, because it forces me to work on pieces that have no vocals. Or not mine anyway. And essays. *Shudder*. I have the deadlines for two already, and I'm slightly dreading them! I plan on making a start on them least writing a draft/doing some reading for them. This year I really want to try to improve upon the things that I find most difficult. Like the technological side of what I'm doing! And my essay writing, which at present, is really not great. My style just isn't academic, and I find it really tricky to know how to word things so that I'm not just repeating the same thing over and over again.

Anyway, I'd better skidaddle and make a start on this work! OOH! I'll leave you with some photographyness today. I went out and about on Saturday with some friends to take photos. Here are a couple that I took at the Devil's Punchbowl. :)

TTFN! :) xxxxx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

3, 2, 1....GO!

RIGHT! Today I'm going to test something out. I'm going to write here on the blog everything that I'm going to do today. Because when I tell people that I'm going to do something, I am much much more likely to do it. When I say to myself "I'm going to do this..." it's a lot easier to change my mind. If I'm trying to do something that is getting a bit boring, I find it quite easy to say to myself " should make a cup of tea...maybe do some washing...and finish this tomorrow. You'll do a better job then..." WRONG. That's just procrastination. Grrr. (Can you hear the motivation/drive in my tone?)

So here goes. These are the things that I'm going to do today:

- Read at least 3 chapters of "Song Means"
- Do some washing (this is not procrastination...I genuinely need clothes...)
- Watch the Lunchtime Concert at Uni
- Find a few copyright free short videos to practise writing music to
- Create storyboards for these videos
- Work on remixing Alex's track
- Drink tea

RIGHT. Off I go...


I'm going to leave you with this track. It's rather lovely I think. And uplifting. :)


5pm update:

I decided that to say I'd read THREE chapters of a Song Means was a very big ask. It's packed with very important things that I need to remember, and after a chapter, my brain is saturated. So I'm going to change that aim to "Read a chapter a day"...

Aside from that, I went to the Lunchtime Concert, my washing is in the machine, and I'm drinking tea...and I'm just about to cook dinner.

After that I'll do my video search! :) Skillz.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Greetings y'all.

Good day to you, lovely people of the blogosphere!

I've just arrived back in Guildford after a weekend at home chillaxing before University starts up again...the third and final year! How speedily has the time gone? It doesn't seem long ago that I wasn't sure whether to come here or not, but I'm so glad that I did. I know this year is going to go so fast too...we've already received our first deadline date and I haven't even had a lecture yet! This is going to be tough old year.

I'm just spending today tidying and doing laundry etc., but I just wanted to stop by and say hi. :) Nothing uber exciting to report. OOH! Actually, I'm on iTunes!...

One of my songs (Carolina Blue) is on a compilation CD organised by Joan Armatrading, that's now available on iTunes! You just gotta type my name in and it should come up. Ooooor, click here!...

Skillzzzzz. Aw, the track duration is 3:21. Nifty.

Also, I was looking through some old family photos at the weekend. This is one of the ones I found. I actually really like these boots...if only they still fitted. Obvos I don't wish for tiny feet, just bigger shoes. As for the flannels...I had those instead of a snuggly blanket comfort things. They were way cooler...don't judge. ;)


Just noticed...once again, I match the blog!

Sunday, 23 September 2012


I guess people hide because they want to temporarily break their connection with society, because they're ashamed, or guilty, or afraid. Without knowing the exact circumstance, it's pretty safe to say that the need to hide casts doubt over the innocence of an individual. If you're truthful, sincere, and innocent, why should you hide? You shouldn't.

I have a stat counter on my blog which logs the IP addresses of visitors - that way I can see where everyone's looking from. IP addresses cover a pretty large area generally, but sometimes they cover a smaller area. And even though I have all of your IP addresses, I couldn't trace you down to your exact address, unless the police were involved. And for that reason you only have to worry if you've done something wrong.

Someone has been visiting my blog, quite regularly, and each time has made a concerted effort to hide their location, via a variety of proxy sites. The fact that I know this states that your proxies aren't doing a very good job. My statistics just show the path you've taken on my blog, after your proxy address. Oh and your IP address too.

If you don't want me to see you, don't look here. It's quite simple. :)


Ok, so I made the cake! The Ultimate Chocolate Cake! Below is a photo of it...


And below is the verdict from two of my housemates. Maybe I should've just left you with the above picture. ;)

So, the verdict...lovely and moist! la la la la I can't hear you! xxxx

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Truth I Seek

Hello everybody!

I finished off a little song today, so thought I'd do a quick (really awful quality) version to show you! Hurrah! I'll let that plonker below continue the explanation...

OH! I'm just off to the shops by the way. Baking awaits! And I'll be back later with the result. ;)

Also, I don't wear the same jumper the whole time. I put it on briefly yesterday to show you, and today is the first official day of wearing. ;)


She wrote upon the blackboard all she wanted to become
But what they didn't tell her was it wouldn't all be fun
She couldn't keep the chalk - with every line it disappeared
Like the innocence denied to her by every passing year

Oh can't you see the little one behind those eyes?
That you broke the girl in two who lived the dream within your lies
You played a part
You stole a heart to replace your frozen own
And then you go

She watched the planes through window panes
And listened to them roar
Well she couldn't help but wonder what their people had in store
The journey to a lover or a mother or a son
She'd take a plane away from you, another to her love

Oh can't you see the little one behind those eyes?
That you broke the girl in two who lived the dream within your lies
You played a part
You stole a heart to replace your frozen own
And then you go
Can't you see you broke a soul with your deceit?
And now I'm left with scattered pieces of a dream beneath my feet
I'll build a bridge
To take me on to the love that I believe
The truth I seek

Friday, 21 September 2012

A blog cardi!

Hey, I bought a winter cardi that matches my blog theme! And it wasn't even intentional! Honest. *Shifty eyes*

WIN! Wearing this makes me feel like I should be good at baking for some reason. Why? Weird.

OH! I know! There's a contestant on "The Great British Bake Off" who wears jumpers kind of like this. He's a dude. That's a good show...and makes me want to bake. I think that I'll bake something over the weekend, as practice for our little "Come Dine With Me" night. I bought two cake tins, a metal mixing bowl and a whisk today. I'm all prepared! Maybe I'll document my practice via pictures. That will be "interesting". *cough cough*

So what shall I bake? A cake. But what kind? Hmmm. I'm doing a raspberry torte on Monday, recipe courtesy of our very own David Ruben! But tomorrow I fancy doing a spongey thing.

Hmm...which one of these three? You pick. I'll do the one with the most votes - state your preference in the comments! ;)

1. The Chocolate Marble Cake...

2. The Ultimate Chocolate Cake...

3. The Chocolate Caramel Cake...

Before you say anything...I'm not actually a chocoholic! I'd prefer a good old bakewell, lemon drizzle cake, carrot cake, or coffee cake, but my housemates are pretty into their chocolate, and they're the ones who are going to be doing the eating! ;)

(((Hugs))) xxxxx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hallelujah for the song.

Sometimes things happen that turn your mood around. Usually when you least expect them to. You're stuck in a rut and you can't see a way out...but then a little, unexpected moment occurs that makes things brighter.

This morning I was washing up some cups in the kitchen and looked up to see a squirrel on the fence standing on its back legs, paws resting on its tummy, head turned to one side, just looking at me. It sat there for about ten seconds, just looking, and then scurried away. It made me smile, and think of the other times that things like that have happened to help me along the way. Last year, I was walking along, not the happiest of souls, and a little robin flew across the path in front of me (so close that I had to duck to miss it) and landed on a holly tree, that I'd never realised was there before.

These things happen from time to time...but I was's usually music that helps me. I don't know what I'd do without it. Sometimes I can be listening to a piece of music and suddenly feel positive after feeling lost and confused. I know this isn't a miraculous's the reason why people listen to music! But I want to share some songs with you that are very important to me, and tell you why.

My "squirrel moment" songs!

1. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

This recording of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" was given to me by my friend, and the moment I heard it, I knew what I wanted to be in life. I loved it so much. To me, it's self expression in its finest form. It made me want to express myself through music, because I knew I wouldn't be able to do it so explicitly any other way.

2. Cactus Tree - Joni Mitchell

I simply love this song, but I don't understand it. I think I seek comfort in the fact that I don't understand it. It seems like Joni doesn't really know where she's going either, and that makes me feel better. It's always good to know you're not alone, and I discovered this when I felt I was being pulled in all directions, and couldn't work out which one I was meant to go in. When I feel like that, I tend to just go into myself, so I don't take my confusion out on those around me. And I guess I push people away. But then I'm alone, and I hate feeling! Anyway...this song helped me in one of those times.

3. Wait It Out - Imogen Heap

I'm the most impatient person that I know and this song, somehow, calms me a little. I guess because it's about the frustration of waiting. And I feel like it's saying...don't wait. I love the way it sounds, and think Imogen Heap is incredibly creative. (She makes all the sounds herself - using anything that sounds good - sometimes even old toys etc.) Best enjoyed very loud, in headphones.

4. Fearless Love - Melissa Etheridge

This is how love should be I think. Someone loving you for who you are, and you, not being afraid to be exactly who you want to be. I'm fed up of wondering what someone thinks of me, or thinking "so-and-so might like it if I do that"...I'm not talking about making a cup of tea for someone...that's always nice unless the recipient doesn't like tea, or you've spiked it...I mean changing the way you are to fit someone else's ideals. I'm not doing that. I've done it before, and I hate that I did. I was just blind. I was with a guy who liked it when I wore dresses, and I pretty much gave all my trousers away. Then I found out that he'd been lying to me throughout our whole relationship, so when it ended, I was left with no love and no trousers. A sad sad situation.

5. This Isn't Everything You Are - Snow Patrol

This last one is my song of today. I love the sound of this. (I love Snow Patrol.) And I love the way it lifts me right now. That is all. :) A new day, and a new beginning. And I'm going to go trouser shopping.

Over and out. xxxxx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Come dine with me!

Howdy peoples. :)

How are we all? So for the past few days I've been musicking, chilling a little, and last night, we went to one of my housemate's (Tim's... ;)) old housemates' houses for a yummy three course meal! We're cooking for them next week, and need to think of a tasty menu...we're scoring each other, to decide the champion of cooking the student three course meal...we haven't thought of the prize'll just be the glory of it I expect. ;) I think Tim is documenting it though, so there may be some slightly embarrassing videos to show you at some point!

Also...expect collaborations soon. ;) Like...real life ones...not over the internet....oooooooh. ;)

(Musicking all day today! Should be rather fun. :))

TTFN xxxxxx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Daft (playing in Photobooth)

Look, I'm a frog!

Now I'm an alien!

And my twin STILL won't leave me alone.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A new page in the Book of Days...

Good day to you lovely people. :)

The sun is shining in Guildford and I'm feeling quite productive. Saying that, it's 10.39, and I'm still in my pjs. Though you can be productive in your pjs, right? I do like mornings. It's like waking up to a blank canvas, or in my case...a new page in my lyric book, or a new Logic project. ;)

I really want to do another cover for YouTube soon...doing covers gives me new ideas for my own songs. I don't mean that in the plagiaristic sense!...Just that the feelings you get when you sing a song by someone else, can often be transferred into the creation of your own songs. You get a sense of the style...and the emotion that you want to portray.

Anyhow, I had better go and change out of my pjs, and start music making! I will also try to introduce you to my housemates through the medium of video in the near future! ;) And give you a grand tour of our house! lol. I will try really hard not to waffle on too much. :-/ (Though it is quite inevitable that I will waffle on too much.)

Oh and I shall leave you with this video by my favourite musical lady ever!

TTFN xxxxx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Wildest Moments

I'm BACK! This is becoming a regular occurrence isn't it!? ;)

Today I've been fiddling about with musicyness (that's a word) again. And this is the end result of today's fiddling, with a simple video. A random, not great cover of a song that I really like at the moment by Jessie Ware - you should definitely check out the original if you haven't heard it already! A very cool song indeed.

I uploaded this video to a new channel on YouTube where I'm going to post videos especially for putting on my blog. And other miscellaneous stuff. I'm thinking of doing some video diaries now that I'm getting into the swing of this blogging malarkey...and I'll upload them to that channel too. The link is here... (I haven't customised it yet. ;)) 

Anyhow, here's the video...and I have a 'challenge' for you...think you know me? Well, which Holly is the 'real' one, and which one is reflected? ;)

Once again I wish you a very good night/evening/morning/etc./la la laaaa

Over and out! xxxxx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sticky note spied a parachute.

So today I've been making music all day! I got a new software instrument for Uni, so I've been working that out...testing out all the groovy sounds, and trying to create a piece...well two actually. One song, and one instrumental piano piece, with added extras. :) I'll do the same tomorrow, and hopefully have something to show for it soon!

In other news, today I found a spider in the bathroom. As I may have mentioned before, I am rather scared of spiders. (Possibly an understatement.) But I managed to get close enough, to leave a few sticky notes for my housemate. I'm sure he'll appreciate them...

In other, other news, I really, really like this at the moment..."Parachute" by Ingrid Michaelson. It was covered by Cheryl Cole, and that's how most people know it. I love the production on this one. It's still true to Ingrid's raw/honest/acoustic style, but has also got a funky electronic vibe to favourite moment is from 3:02 to 3:09...that ascending vocal line, that reaches the top around 3:08...mmm lovely. And look at Ingrid! She's all cute and smiley!

Anyhow, it's my bedtime, so I shall wish you goodnight/good evening/good morning...whatever time of day you happen to be reading this. ;)

Over and out. xxxxxxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Here we are

So, I'm back in the land of University, and gearing up to go again, for the last year. I'm really determined to work my socks off this year, so I can look back at the end of the year and truthfully say...yes, I've done the very best I can at this. This last year is worth 70% of the course, year one was worth nothing, and year two was 30%. To get a first class degree overall, I need to get about 71% this year...which is harder than it sounds...especially for me, since the techy stuff definitely does not come naturally. However, I am aware of this, and if I can conquer the software etc., then it'll warrant feeling proud of myself. And also reading...I'm really awful at reading, as my concentration levels are quite appalling, unless I'm really into what I'm I'm determined to read all the things I should and more.

I have to do a dissertation this year...5000 words...which I'm rather scared about. And quite a few essays. Again, scared. I need to learn to make my writing style a little more academic...I'm not the greatest at sounding all pro like. (Point proven I think.)

Anyhow, I will try really hard to improve my skills, and post what I make (and maybe essays that I write) here, to see what you guys think. Some may be weird experimental pieces, but I guess you have to experiment to know what works and what doesn't!

Speak soon. xxxxx

(See Delilah sneaking into the background? Cheeky girl.)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

I wasn't joking. :P

So...the new chapter, new hair thing...I did it. Lol.

Picture taken by Donna Woodward Taylor yesterday...

Just experimenting. :)

Thursday, 30 August 2012


We have a rather awesome lecturer at Uni called Allan Moore, who teaches us about pop songs, and how they work etc....he's so interesting to listen to, and has recently had a(nother) book published called 'Song Means'. Alex (Subsonic Winter - previously mentioned, lovely housemate) and I are in his lectures together, and are fans. ;) Yesterday, Alex received his book in the post, and took a photo...then I took a photo with mine...then he retook his photo and joined it with his. Look! We're twins! ;) It made me smile rather a lot! The result is below. Just look at how cool we are. (Oh, I'm on the right.) ;)

In my last post, I was a little confused-sounding, and pretty down...but after feeling the lowest I've ever felt (cue the violins. lol)...I feel I'm going up again. Time for the next chapter, and whatever that may hold. :) Lots of music for sure! And knowing me, another haircut, change of "image", etc. :P

I shall leave you with a song today, that will either make you smile, or irritate you. :P I rather love it, but I do love a good bit of cheese. Did you know that edam is made backwards?...gotcha. (Or not.)

Shania really needs to get a new t-shirt. Disgraceful.

OH! Also...recently we had our annual family gathering. :D I love it. I'm very lucky to be a part of a very loving, caring family. I thought I'd post the group picture we this is my family (just on Mum's side - I have a fair few on Dad's too!)...

Over and out! xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Hello, people of the blogosphere. :)

Here's my latest video...a song about fate, and serendipity, actually. ;)

Lately I've come to realise that it's not always easy to understand why certain things happen. You would've thought I'd have realised this by now...but I guess I've been lucky. I've always felt very much in charge of my own emotions, and actually felt that I was quite a strong person. But recently I've found it hard to work out whether I actually am strong, or weak. I've always been one to follow my gut, follow my heart, and work out the best path that way. But recently, I've realised that it's not as simple as that, and that, actually can be a pretty selfish way of looking at things. Sure, you have to do what makes you happy, but would you truly be happy if you are hurting people at the same time? I guess it comes back to a saying that I love, and think of every so often... "The truth of the matter is, you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it."
I was very lucky to have been brought up with a good sense of what is right and wrong, that will stay with me forever. If I know something is wrong, I will feel guilty. And therefore, know I have to change it.

So I guess I do still believe in following your heart. But following your heart is not just about you. You have to think of how doing what you want will affect those around you. If you're not happy with how you'd make them feel, don't do it. If everyone's happy, you can't go far wrong.

WAHEEEY we got all deep there for a sec! Ok, I'm outta there now. ;)


Here's a new song, called "Serendipity". I think serendipity is quite a lovely concept, and I've always loved the film! Haha. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a fairytale. We can always dream.

I hope you are all well. :) xxxxx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pieces - Holly Kirby

Hello lovely people. :) Today I put this on YouTube. A new song that I wrote called "Pieces". :) Would be brill to know what you think of it. :) xxxx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Changing times...

Howdy! How are we all?

I have a lot to chat on about today. :)

The parentals and I have just returned from an interesting holiday in Canada! It's a very cool country...huuuuuuge in comparison to the Island. ;) And anywhere else I've seen! It was quite amazing to fly over the Rockies, Greenland, London etc. too. 9 hours in the plane. Our longest flight! I've only flown twice. Once was to France - and that only took about an hour! So this was quite a different experience. Especially with numerous children crying/having tantrums on the way over, and the vomiting child/back massage from the child behind me's feet on the way back. ;) I think the fact that I didn't turn around and give that particular child the death stare is proof that it takes a lot to annoy me. :P

So anyhow, that was a good break, and now it's back to normality. Though I'm just establishing what that is. I haven't quite got back into the mindset of being on my own just yet, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely. The olympics are helping to be honest. :P Haha. I've never been into sport before really, but I've taken more of an interest this year, since it's here in the UK, and I'm so pleased I have. I get all teary whenever we win a medal! The higher the rank, the more tears. :P I'm getting pretty patriotic in my old age...

Also, I have a project in mind!...Which I am currently planning...but have reached a point where I feel I'm just going round in circles. :-/

The plan make a studio out of a shed in the garden. But first I have to get a shed, and then soundproof it. And the dilemma I have at the moment I buy a very basic shed and adapt it? i.e...add heavy doors and block up windows/add triple glazed ones? Or...ask a construction company to build the shed from scratch...including the special doors/windows/soundproofing...hmm. Hmmm...
Anyhow, I feel that I have been taking over the kitchen/annoying the neighbours for too long ;), so thought it might be a good idea to make my own space for composing/recording. I shall keep you posted here as it all happens. I'm really keen on the idea, and hopefully it won't take a really long time!

It's getting close to bedtime now, and I've got to do a few bits and bobs before bed, so I'll say bye for now - and see you again shortly!

I hope you're all well. xxxxx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Onwards and upwards!

Hello again lovely people of the blogosphere :)

I'm back! Two days in a row! I know...quite shocking. ;)

The reason for it...I guess I'm feeling a little melancholy. Even though I wrote the song in the previous post a while ago, the theme is pretty current. As situation has changed from the one I was writing about a few posts ago. Clue ->  -  ......yup, you guessed it.

Saying goodbye to love is not an easy thing to do. But I'm trying. It's just pretty hard sometimes. I guess that now is one of those times, hence me being here, needing a virtual hug. :P

Ok, less of the wallowing in self pity now. ;)

Today I mainly cooked spaghetti bolognese, chased a muddy cat around the house so she didn't get on Mum's cushions, and made some plans for my music!...what have you guys been up to? ;)

Also, I really like this song:

I was lucky enough to meet Emmy The Great at Bestival - at which time I hadn't heard her music. She's a great songwriter - really interesting, and worth checking out. :)

OOH! Also. A little while ago I did some vocals for my lovely friend, Alex. He was doing a rework of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" for coursework...and here it is! He is also definitely worth checking out. ;) His artist name is "Subsonic Winter"'s his website if you fancy checking out some of his original material...

He is also going to be one of my housemates for the next year, which I'm very excited about. :)

I'd better go now - dinner time! :)


P.S - I feel better just talking to you about this. ;)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A New Heart

Hello lovely people of the blogosphere! :) (that's a word, right? :P)

I come bearing a video. And with it, a song! This one is called "A New Heart". A little song about...well, I'll just let you listen. :)

I recorded this one at Uni, with some friends. And real instruments! It would be lovely to hear what you think of it. :)

Wow, that's a special looking picture it has grabbed up there. :P Nice face, Holly.

I hope you are all well! :)

Lots of love xxxx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

University Year 2 - Complete! :D

Howdy everyone! :D

As the title suggests - I have reached the end of my second year of University! Time really does fly! This year I am finished pretty early because all of the modules I opted for were coursework only, and everyone else has exams still, unless they made the same choices as me!

So, in opting for the modules I did, I have a few bits of coursework to show you! So here we go... :) Please let me know what you think! It would be great to hear your thoughts.

I hope you are all well! xxxx

 5 Seconds Ago by hollykirby

 Procrastination Bossa by hollykirby

 I'm Right There by hollykirby

 Northern Lights by hollykirby

Friday, 13 April 2012

You & I

Hello everyone! How are we all?

I come bearing a new video. :) A new song! An original this time...called You & I. :)

Here 'tis...

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated! :)

I hope you are all well!

Time for me to go to bed now...but oh wait...looks like my bed is already occupied!

The cheek of some......Violet... :P

Nighty night!

Holly :) 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I Surrender

Hello everyone! :D

How are we all? I come bearing a video. :P This time it's a cover of a song that someone gave to me, and I felt that it said exactly what I wanted to say to I gave it back to him this way. :)

I had a little break in my studying to do this, but now I have a few deadlines coming up that I'm panicking about a tad. :P They are composition deadlines though, so in the next few weeks I will have at least two pieces to show you. :)

I hope you are all well!

Lots of love :)


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love is in the air! :)

Hello lovely people! How are we all? :)

So today is Valentine's Day. :) And I break my (quite a few months long) YouTube silence with a chirpy little ukulele song for someone very special. ♥ ♥ 

I hope you like it!

Lots of lurrrve

Thursday, 2 February 2012

On My Way

Hello there everyone :)

I am still Wight-side currently....trying to get over an annoying cold that has been hanging around for far too long! Most annoyingly, it has been stopping me from recording anything/doing a YouTube song/video. However, I will start working on one as soon as it will probably be a cover, but I am not 100% sure yet. Maybe I will suddenly get inspired and come out with a song. :)

When I get back to Uni I hope to be doing some more work on the songs we recorded around Christmas...and hopefully be able to put a few out/show you some. :) I am yet to work out how I am going to release the songs this time...but I shall keep you updated as the plan develops. ;)

Ooh I got my marks back for the work I posted previously! I got a first. :D Very excited about that. :) I am not generally a first student...I struggle my way through a I am very pleased about that. :) I don't feel that I have found my own 'voice' when writing music yet...or what I really feel works for me. However, I'll keep trying...though I do know that it is based more in acoustic instruments...a lot more. I'm still finding the electronic stuff very difficult.

I had better go now and get planning. ;)

TTFN! :)


P.S - I shall leave you with this song that makes me smile whenever I hear it! :)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Long time-ish no see!

So here I am...sitting on the sofa with the lovely Violet Kirby (yeah, my cat :P) and wondering where to begin with this blog! But I guess that was the beginning. Phew! Glad that's over with. Lol.

I hope you had a brilliant Christmas and New Year! I had a lovely, relaxing time with my family before making the trip back to University. Since I got back to Uni it has been all systems go...I've been doing coursework and preparing for an exam we had. Ooh...I can post the coursework pieces here...they're instrumentals, and a little different, but I had fun writing them...and they still come from the same place that my songs do...

Number 1...Sky Cycle

 Sky Cycle by hollykirby

Number 2...Winter Flower Box

 Winter Flower Box by hollykirby

Please do let me know what you think! I'm still learning to write instrumental pieces, and any feedback is extremely, ever so, more than welcome. ;)

I also wrote this song. :) For a particular man who makes me very happy. No, it's not Alan Rickman. :P

 Lost In You by hollykirby

One might even go so far as to say that, I am in love....would you believe it? :P

It dawned on me the other day that I'm actually halfway through my time at Uni now! Geeeez. :-S Bit scary...however...I feel I have learnt so much there already. About life more than anything. (Though I have learnt some very useful stuff about music too! :P) And being able to live on my own...well I have housemates......but with myself, if you know what I mean. :) When you're completely dependant, you can only be a limited version of yourself...I don't mean that in a negative's just that discovering things yourself is so important, and even though I kind of knew that before, I didn't fully realise it until I had to do it!

Oooh...I got a bit of very exciting news the other day! I'm supporting Joan Armatrading at the Yeovil Octagon in June! SO excited. :D I will leave you with this video...a great performance of her song 'Love and Affection' on Jools Holland's show...

I'm very excited about this...a little nervous. :P But sometimes the most nervousy gigs turn out to be the ones that leave me buzzing for days. :)

I'd better go to bed now...but I will be back soon...I'm sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. I will try my hardest to make the posts more regular...I also hope to post another video to YouTube soon, but at the moment I'm recovering from a horrible sore throat/cold combo. I'll get thinking during this time.

Night night peoples! :) And I hope you are all well. :)

Holly xxxxx