Saturday, 3 December 2011

I Leave This Time...

Howdy peoples! How is everyone? I hope you're well. :) I come bearing gifts!...Kinda. Lol. I come bearing a song!

Another trance collaboration with the excellent Darren Smith. :)

~ Ooh ~ and just to let you know - if you'd like to keep track of Darren and Holly's collaborations, we're now working under the name 'XenonRose'.

Here are some links to our pages...

And we should have an actual homepage up very soon. :)

Oky doke - so here is the new track! :)

 I Leave This Time by XenonRose

What do you reckon? :)

Also - the Holly Album 2 team is back to work in the studio tomorrow night! Hopefully with a string quartet this time! Exciting. :D

TTFN xxxxxxx

P.S - Happy Birthday Mum! ;) xxx


mercury said...

'Xenonrose', a nice hybrid name, combining techology and nature. I have to admit, I'm very ambivalent about trance music. I love the experimental aspects and the hypnotizing power. On the other hand electronic music often tends to sound 'sterile' after a while. My absolute favourites in the broader genre are the Oakenfold Remix of Sinead O'Connor's 'Troy'and 'About Love'. from Rob and Holly. :-)

David Ruben said...

Nice group name, and slick productions. Do you both equally collaborate on the music and lyrics ?

mercury said...

Seems to me, she left us???