Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bit of a whinge.

Hello everyone. :)

How are we all?

I'm sorry it has been a while. To be honest, I've been struggling a little with things. (This next bit is going to be one mega whiny explanation/rant - you have been warned! ;))

(*Takes a deep breath*) Weeeell...lots of little annoying things kept making me feel bad, and then I started feeling bad all the time and then my back started really hurting and I sprained my ankle about a month and a half ago and it hasn't gone away and I went to the doctors and I have an 'non-healing ligament' and I have to have physiotherapy for my 'back' which is actually my coccyx. I have a thing called 'coccydynia' which is a pain in the bum (Literally. *Chortle*.). And during visits to the docs etc. my hard drive decided that it didn't want to work anymore. So I had to get a new one of them. Not cool. Because I was a hopeless with my backups I lost a lot of stuff...and then my computer wouldn't go back to the most recent backup, so now I'm back at March which is highly uncool. (I am now backing up every day.) I'm also struggling a ridiculous amount with my Uni work. I feel really behind and I don't have a clue what I'm doing. So I'm quite down in the dumps at the moment.
Whiny rant over!

I always feel bad for feeling bad over such silly little things when there are people who are putting up with much worse.

I'd better go and crack on with this work...whining isn't going to sort things out.

To continue the slightly miserable theme, I shall leave you with this slightly miserable song that I wrote. - Recorded by the lovely Iain Berryman at Uni.

 Waiting For Time by hollykirby

TTFN xxxx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Adventures! Oooooh!

Howdy peoples!

So...I'm back at Uni, we have lots of work already, and I have two rather cool adventures to tell you about. :)

The first one is a London adventure...and so is the second! It's actually the first time that I've been to London in ages. I thought I'd go quite a bit last year seeing as I'm so close now, but I didn't. This year that appears to have changed, having gone twice in a matter of days. I'm actually trying to build a little ticket display thingy across my wall, I'm a quarter of the way across with all the train/boat tickets from last year and this year. Like so...

I know a slight curve/blatantly wavy line will take longer, but my OCD tendencies couldn't handle a straight line. I'd be standing there adjusting wonky tickets all day. ;)

Adventure No. 1:

The other day my lovely friends (Christine and Arjun) and I went to London to look around the musical instrument shops in Denmark Street and others...Hobgoblin too...such a great shop. I had actually been looking online at a couple of guitars in a shop called Angel Music in Denmark Street - they looked great - so I wanted to check those out in real life. I had been searching for/thinking about getting another guitar for ages. In my mind I knew exactly what I wanted my guitar to be like, how much I was prepared to pay, the age...etc....hence it taking ages! But when we went into Angel Music, I spotted THE guitar. :) And luckily the cost was the price I had in mind. As soon as I tried it I knew it was THE one for just felt so great to sounds rich and lovely and it has a fairly small, neat body. It's a 1975 Martin 000-28. You can tell that it has been loved and there are a few signs of its age...the pickguard is curling up (weirdly) at the edge and there are a few places where the varnish on the purfling has come off, but nothing significant...and I think it adds character. ;)

Here she is in all her glory (definitely a girl)...

What a beaut. :) Next I need to find a pick-up to insert so I can easily play her live. I think I've found one actually. And it's only a temporary one too, so I can take it out after the gig without damaging the guitar. Nice. :)

Anyhow - as well as me buying a beautifully lovely guitar, we went and ate sushi and visited The British Museum, which was rather fun. :) We saw Ancient Egyptian mummies and stuff, and also clocks through the ages. I love clocks and watches so that was very cool. Here is a picture that I took of my friends outside the British Museum. It's just a fun one...and everything about it makes me giggle...

I especially love the lady walking past with the ice cream. Lol.

We also went in a very cool music shop called Hobgoblin. I highly recommend it - it's a great shop with a huge variety of instruments from different cultures. I also got this rather weird plectrum there...they actually gave it to me for free because they can't sell them...hmmm...wonder why?!

So that was a rather cool day. :) Then yesterday evening we had...

Adventure No. 2:

Arjun and I went to see Tanita Tikaram live!!! SO incredibly exciting. :D :D :D And she was awesome. And guess what?...Totally met her afterwards...she's incredibly lovely and friendly. (And she was wearing some really good shoes!) (And we have matching guitar straps!) We had a little chat with her and I got my ticket signed...(note the number! Lol)


I also bought a t-shirt...her t-shirts are really cool...and you can get them online over at her official website.

Here I am looking equally awkward and strange, modelling mine for you...

YAY! New t-shirt!

I also had my picture taken with her - thanks muchly to the lovely Glenn ('twas great to see you again!) - and the result is priceless. (In a "that is a very funny photo" way.) I'll ask Glenn if I can put one up here. :)

I hope you are all well!

TTFN and lots of love

Also, I totally love this song/video at the moment. I think Imogen Heap is clever...and this is such a different, but brilliant song. (Love the video too.) (And the song.) (I already said that.) (Do you think I like it?)