Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A wally's wallet

Hi everyone :)

Over the weekend the Kirby family had a kind of non-computer weekend...well...not a completely non-computer weekend...but computer usage was restricted to the evenings...

It seems that I spend most of my life on the computer at the moment, doing various bits and pieces. I don't mind; I enjoy it, and the internet is a fantabulous thing.

When I'm not online I'm listening to music, writing music, playing badminton, eating or sleeping...but there are so many other things that I enjoy and that I miss out on because there aren't enough hours in the day.

But over the weekend, minus my laptop on my lap, I didn't know what to do with myself. Generally at weekends I try not to do music stuff so I have time for other things, but this weekend I was totally stumped.

Should I paint? Ok...but what? I don't know. Ok, don't do that then. Read? Nah, not in the mood. Walk? It's raining. And then it struck me!

I'll make a wallet out of an empty Salt & Vinegar Chipsticks packet.

Er. Alright then.

Please note: I'm truly TERRIBLE at making things with my hands. It is something that interests me, and something that I'd like to get good at one day, but for now, I'm really, really not good.

I actually had it all planned that I was going to build my own guitar over the 4 month holiday that now seems to have vanished. I bort and red a book about it and evryfink.

So, wallet. For anyone who is not familiar with the glorious creation that is the Chipstick, the definition is "a salt and vinegar flavour maize and potato snack"...and they are my weakness. Along with bourbons, but let's not go there.

So a lot of sellotape, cutting and sticking later, I arrived at this "wallet". I use the term "wallet" very loosely, but I do plan on trying to use it as a wallet. Yes, I may lose a lot of money in the process, but I'm pretty stubborn.

And this is it:

(No sniggering at the back please.)

How cool am I? 

That was rhetorical.

Yes well, that was a highly productive exercise, but I genuinely couldn't think of anything else that simultaneously fitted the weekend category and floated my boat.

Back to the music! ;)


P.S - Expecting the photo shoot photos soon - you'll be the first to know when I have them. :)

P.P.S - Really loving this at the moment. Makes me go all fuzzy. Such a beautiful sound.


Larry said...

Good job on the wallet. I should think that would be fitting practice for the guitar project. That will likely require some serious patience.
The chipsticks sound really good. Just wondering what the 'bourbons' are. Please do not tell me they are the alcoholic kind. :)

Greyhawk said...

Good job on the wallet! I never, ever would have thought to attempt such a thing.

Bourbon? Really? When Scotland and Ireland are so much better? Jameson and Macallan are my favorite poisons. The older the better.

Tony said...

Wow Holly, you're soooo radical! I would never in a googolplex of years have put you down for a Chipsticksy gal...The bourbons I can understand (for the uninitiated, a very cocoa-y biscuit with a yummy cocoa cream filling) 'cos truly what's not to like about them.
But if chipsticks do it for you then have at 'em :)

I can totally empathize with the internet withdrawals, I had to put my pc in the techy hospital a few months back...my wife got so fed up with me she bought me a laptop to tide me over...Result!:p

The wallet? Awwzum! Brownie points for effort, not so many for aesthetics hehe. If you fancy craftwork, have a lash at woodturning sometime. Very satisfying. I'd be happy to teach you :)

I hadn't heard of Scala & Kolacny Brothers before, but am pleased you brought them into view. Beautiful sound indeedy! And the album art doesn't suck.

Looking forward to shoot pics
hugs etc

mercury said...

Nice wally, nice wallet!

David Ruben said...

Greyhawk, my deepest sympathies for the paucity of American treats LOL. Bourbons are a type of scrummy choc biscuit, created with love and savoured as (an adult) guilty pleasure, as opposed to common olde bourbon whisky.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I have a a mighty wallet (http://www.dynomighty.com/product_detail.php?Dot-Matrix-Pi-Mighty-Wallet%C2%AE&d=mighty-wallets+DY-401) and often get asked, when paying for things, whether I made it myself. Maybe I should make one myself and they I'd be able to say I did!