Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What To Wear...

So...tomorrow I'm going to have some promo photos taken for the website and album number two...and I'm struggling to know what to wear.

Clothes are something I don't really get. No, hang on...I get that we need them and that they help to categorise us as people (and keep us warm/decent!). But I don't really like the whole categorisation thing. And I find it hard to understand how music and clothing go together. No wait, I get that someone dancing round a stage in cowboy boots and hat is likely to be a country musician...and someone in a long gown with pristine hair, make-up etc. is unlikely to be singing country. Or rap. Singing rap? Saying rap. Rapping.

What I find hard to work out is how I should dress to make people think that I'm going to be singing/making the music that I'm making. Hmmm...tricky.



Larry said...

Image? :)

mercury said...

You are looking very good in dark colours accentuating your face and your slight figure. But a beautiful woman cannot be distorted, so you have a great range of possibilities. The songs on your new CD seem to me songs of transition, so this fact may be included in the way you dress. But I personally would buy the CD even if you'd appear in an old bath robe.

Thomas said...

Why, I made a suggestion on Facebook a few days ago:

This also draws the focus towards the music. Or at least, away from yourself ;-). Otherwise, check out Anna Ternheim's look. She dresses very simply, she obviously does not want to be adored for her looks. Although, she still is... ;)

Tony said...

hahah I feel like a total lemon trying to tell someone as charismatic as you what to wear.

However I have always been fool enough to rush in etc.
I can't think of anything that would suit you and your style better than a jacket worn over plain shirt/blouse/T shirt and jeans.

I have to agree with mercury insomuch as just about anything you choose to wear would be fine (except puffball skirts)(hmm, ok, maybe you could make even those look good, but I wouldn't chance it)

Lotsa luck with the photoshoot, looking forward to some piccies pretty please.

David Ruben said...

LOL Thomas, of course "The Anteaters" players (as opposed to a player dressed as an anteater) are the original members of The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, following the death of its creator Simon Jeffes over 10 years ago.

Simon's son Arthur has since continued to keep alive the music as the group "Music From the Penguin Cafe".

Not a bad month for Holly – tweeted by kd on vocal prowess, and (proposed circuitous) association with PCO. In my humble opinion, this covers both the best vocal artist and the best instrumental group.

As to "what to wear", no idea LOL. Your previous sepia photos went pleasingly with the first album style and provided a slick harmonisation across YouTube presence, the CD artwork and this your website - I look forward to #2 of all of the above :-)

TV said...

I think confusing people is the best thing to do, so I would - beeing the model whilst playing Black Metal - wear baggy pants, an oversize t-shirt and white senakers... OR maybe a suit. I think I'd prefer the suit.

Well, you could dress really goth or nerdy :D

H said...

Howdy! :)

Thank you muchly for your comments! :) In the end I went for fairly Holly-standard gig slightly lacy top for a selection of the pics and jumpsuit thing for the others. Most are head/shoulders pics I think.

Have you heard Leona Lewis' new track? Here's a link -

Jeffes' 'Perpetuum Mobile' piano riff has been sampled under the track. It boggles my brain!!! Doh.

David Ruben said...

rofl - the PCO lives ! (its not really the right style for the song )