Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I come bearing photos! Here are few of the ones that I received back from the lovely Rob Longford. :)

What do you reckon? Luckily I managed to not look terrified or pull ridiculous faces for most of the pictures. I wasn't terrified - Rob's a lovely chap, but I seem to have a habit of looking scared in photos.

Anyways, here be a small selection...






6. Sometimes I just can't help it.


Larry said...

You look simply adorable! Not that I am biased or anything, you understand. :)

Kestrel said...

Good Stuff! Should work well for the new CD...

David Ruben said...

nice pics. Can have any of them as artwork inside album booklet, but for front cover:
#1 (1)
#2 (2) but only if CD sound really is going to be mainly acoustic guitar, else (4)

[(5) of course being for a CD collection of Pam Eyres-like poetry sketches)

mercury said...

Nr.5 ist umwerfend.

Tony said...

The first pic stands head and shoulders over the rest for me. It is overflowing with "Holly" personality. The photographer has managed to capture a cross between a giggle and a light up the room smile.
And ohhhh! the dimple...

I could totally picture you saying in a gleeful tone "Mischief managed!"

Pic 2 just about wins it over pic 3 for the guitar shots though I absolutely love the colourful dress.

I'm not sure if pic 4 is saying, "I am sooo cool and wonderful I'll just run my fingers through my hair."
"Dang, I'm sure I left my pencil there!"

Pic 5 shows off your beautiful eyes and the lacy net blouse is completely droolworthy but there is a definite hint of "deer in the headlights" about it.

Pic 6. hmmm...the impression I get is that you are at the end of a contest to see who can grip a pineapple with their buttocks for the longest.

Many thanks for sharing the pics with us Holly and by the bye, I love all the bling, especially the watch.


yizhivika said...

My favourite photo of the half-dozen here, Holly, is number 2, although it's probably not one I'd use in a CD cover design. I do, however, think number 5 lends itself perfectly to a CD back cover, since the track listing etc. could be placed in the blank space to the left on the photo. If I were to use one of the photos here for a front cover I'd probably use number 3, in part because of the blank space to the top, but also because I like the idea of a colour image on the front contrasting with a monochrome one on the back. All that said, I think you're much better naturally qualified than I am to design your next CD cover, so you needn't pay any heed to what I've just written ;-) x

TV said...

I really like your new website. As I like the pictures, they are really mature but rather poetic.
And you are managing to be pretty with short hair :D A major piece of art, I'd say.