Monday, 26 September 2011

Hello Mainland!

Hello everyone!

How are we all? I hope you're well. :)

So I'm back at University now - I've settled into my new room...put my posters up etc. and I'm getting ready for the semester to start again.

You may have noticed that I've been having a little fiddle around with the designs on my website/YouTube etc. - I thought it was time for an update. That's what you get when you drastically change your hairstyle...your photos are instantly out of date. ;)

Anyhow - I have just realised that it is quite late and I should probably go to sleep.

I will keep you posted with videos, bits of news and coursework and things. :)

I still have album two plans going through my head - but now it's a bit of a waiting game until we find out when it's time to go into the studio! :) Very excited about it all...I'll be sure to document it - with vlogs and the like. :)

Lots of love


Tony said...

Welcome back to Mainland ;) Hope you manage to get the poster you were looking for to add to the Wall collection. I'd offer to send one of me, but fear that might be a teensy bit egotistical and all kinds of NSFW.

Have a good term.

Larry said...

Have a wonderful year! :)

xenonrush said...

Like the new website design. It seems faster when it loads too.
Was your pet spider waiting to welcome you back?

David Ruben said...

Year one seems to have met all your hopes and more. May your second year be even more rewarding for you.

Kestrel said...

The new site is great... fresher and more "hip" so to speak. classy to say the least. Do well this year.