Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The wheels are in motion!

Hello everyone :)

How are we all?

I hope you are good. :)

So lately...I have been thinking a lot about the album...how I should approach it, what should the instrumentation be like? Should I try to use all acoustic instruments this time? What should I do differently based on the last one?

I've been thinking about this a lot...and I now think that I have been worrying too much about the end product, and how I want it to be better than the last one. Not because there was anything wrong with the last one, but it's always good to improve!...So in worrying about it I had kind of forgotten the fun involved in the process. I just need to find a way of doing it that feels right, and is enjoyable.

And I think I've found a way...and I'm quite excited about it. Nothing has been finalised yet, but I shall let you know when it has. The songs I'm hoping to get on there are as follows:

(In no particular order.) - that's a favourite. :P Such a comedian...
  1. Crazy Rolling Train
  2. Forever Bound To Fairytales
  3. Queen Of Hearts
  4. Riddles & Rhymes
  5. Sublime
  6. Gone For Good
  7. The Tallest Tree
  8. The Lady & The Past
  9. Warmer In May
  10. Go Figure
  11. Smooth Talking
  12. Hearts & Roses
  13. A New Heart
A few that you may not recognise there.

I'm rather excited actually. I have quite a clear idea of what I'd like it to sound like, and I think the person who I may be working with will be able to bring some very cool acousticy sounds to the tracks.

Anyhow - I'd better go and do some more planning! :)

- Ooh - and I'm meeting with a photographer again tomorrow - just to finalise what I'd like my new set of photos to be like. :)

Speak soon!

Lots of love xxxxx

P.S - Recently I got very excited about the fact k.d. lang said nice things about my Adele cover. :D She's most definitely my favourite singer and I think her musical interpretations are spot on, so it's not mega surprising that her comment puts a big grin on my face!
"I think it's great. I love your narrative read on the lyrics!!! Good job."
WOOOO! :D Haha. And if you're not familiar with her/her music, here's the music video of her most famous song: Constant Craving...

And possibly the second most famous from the same album "Ingenue."


Larry said...

What a lineup. I can hardly wait! :)

H said...

Hi Larry! How are you? Eeee! It's exciting! Can't wait to get my teeth into it now. :D x

xenonrush said...

Can you squeeze a 14th track on it? That late night club song of yours 'If you should go' would be lovely to hear on it. Looking forward to hearing Sublime and A New Heart.
Oooo! You're such a busy person!

Uncle Tim said...

Great selection - but then you have so many great songs to choose from. And thanks Xenon for reminding me about Holly's originals on SoundCloud, several of which are different and very worthy candidates for inclusion on an album! Rain on The Avenue is a particular favourite of mine.

Tony said...

yeeee-ha! **Picture a guy doing that thing with the circling of the fists** Go Hol-ly..Go Hol-ly..

So pleased to see you happy and excited. Placing my order now :)
For you acousticy sounds just the ticket. Hope you have all the fun you want making it and my twopennyworth would be to trust your own judgement. Try not to overthink.

Awesome to get a compliment like that from k.d. Lang, I can understand it putting a grin on your face.

Sending hugs and a knotted hanky, you never know when you might need one. x

David Ruben said...

Great line up... see you have recently uploaded Forever Bound To Fairytales and Go Figure to soundcloud - are these remixes or the original audio from the YouTube videos ?

Certainly some of your course work pieces, songs as well as instrumentals, would be fine inclusions but as Tim points out you have the luxury of so much good material to choose from. I can't wait to see how you rearrange pieces I have come to know well for the recording.

LOL - you need no advice from any of us as you clearly have some thoughts on the style that you wish to achieve with the second album, but you have our encouragement to go with your creative flow - it has served you well so far :-)

yizhivika said...

I'm with Tim on this one; I think 'Rain on the Avenue' would be a worthy addition to an already impressive songlist. Whatever, I'm really looking forward to adding another Holly Kirby CD to my collection :)x

Kestrel said...

good luck on the new cd.

Am I sensing CD only tracks, so us cheap people will just be forced to buy a copy? Would make a lot of business sense and I would suggest it!

I don't know about a "theme" or "style" but each of your songs has a soul and keeping with that soul will always serve you well.

Good Luck!

mercury said...

Sounds very interesting! But don't forget about your excellent covers, like 'Evening Falls' or 'Hallelujah' and many others! An exclusive cover CD might be even a third project.

I'd like to have 'Dreamings'. There is a strong hypnotic mood in this song, even at the borderline of menace.

yizhivika said...

Actually, I meant to comment too, Holly, on K.D. Lang, following our chat at your Onslow Road gig. I've been listening to several of her songs on YouTube, and, I have to say, I wasn't entirely blown away by 'I can't stand gravy' ;-). That said, she does have a great voice, and I do like some of her other stuff, such as "The Mind of Love", "Sexuality", "The Trail of Broken Hearts" and "Pulling Back the Reins". And she obviously recognises another classy singer when she hears one :). I did notice she's sung 'Hallelujah' a few times too, but I would honestly sooner listen to you singing it, and I do hope to hear you singing it live someday ;-) x

H said...

@Xeno & @Uncle Tim - Doh! I'd forgotten about the c/w tracks...I'll have another little think. Could be interesting to put some more adulty/contemporary pop/jazz whatever it's called(!) on there. :) I hope to be working with real life acoustic musicy musician sounds this time so could be rather cool to experiment. :)

@Tony - Hahaaaa! Thank you for the circly fist thingy and the advice too! :D Yeeeeeah. k.d. is rather cool! Every time I hear a k.d. song now I think "she said she liked my singing!" lol. Hehe. :) Hugs back! And thank you for the knotted hanky! :)

@David - Hi David! No - I just uploaded them there so I could just show someone the audio. :) A potential producer - and probably THE producer of album number two! :) Hehe thank you muchly for your comment - I'll try to go with the flow. :) Fingers crossed it turns out ok!

@Kestrel - Thank you very much! :) Ahaa! Now there is an idea. ;) I am hoping to get this one on iTunes actually...definitely something to think about!

@WG - Aha! Yes maybe I should keep the cover separate actually...I think it's quite a bit of hassle when it comes to the rights to the recordings etc...oh yes! Dreamings...hmmm...could be an interesting one! I wonder what that would sound like with a few more instruments behind it...

@yizhivika - Hehe! The good old 'gravy song'. ;) Aaaah yes I do like those others too...it's really interesting to see how she has changed over the course of her career! I'm bit of a die hard k.d. fan though so love her through the ages. ;) Aaah yes Hallelujah! I shall keep that in mind. ;) x