Sunday, 31 July 2011

Go Figure by Holly Kirby

Oky doke. So here it is...the angry breaky uppy song that has been brewing for a while. This one is not so much about the break up...but the mean stuff that comes afterwards...doh. :-S

Well at least it's out of my system now. ;)


Tony said...

Gaahhhh! Whoever it was caused this song I want to go smack him upside the head and thrust your notebook in his face. It is only due to the constrictions of propriety that this comment isn't filled with words to make a salty sea dog blush.

Sorry to sound off like that but the thought of anyone causing you the kind of pain to bring about this song evokes the kind of response I would feel towards people who test cosmetics on animals.

OK when I am moved I tend to rant and Go Figure moved me. Rightly or wrongly the overwhelming impression I got was bitterness; goodness knows how you managed your wink at the end, but Holly, it said as much as your song did.

I'm sure you wouldn't want platitudes so just sending a hug with the hope that someone throws a rainbow your way soon.

David Ruben said...

Relationships sadly fail, and your emotional response previously set out in "Forever Bound To Fairytales". However there is no need to be malicious in the aftermath. Done to a artist, especially a talented songstress as yourself, risks their shame being immortalised forever - LOL. Hope producing this song has been cathartic. BTW this is a great song, so some positive has come from the situation.

The 2nd album is going to be so much deeper in its lyrics :-)

Larry said...

Just back from watching this on YT where I could more easily follow the lyrics. Deep and thoughtful. A very nice song too. Very nice.

Other than that... well... I have already said too much in the past. Like Tony, it hurts me too. Just know that as long as I live, I am with you in spirit and prayer and, I am honored to be your friend. :)

mercury said...

And now we in need for a counterstrike. Man stand up and defend yourself!!!

David Ruben said...

Mercury "Man stand up and defend yourself", what for hurting Holly? I hope not, "duck, keep you head down, hold your hands up in mea culpa surrender, reflect on past deeds, and try being a better person in future" might be better advice :-)

Kestrel said...

Got to love the "if your feet are as small as your mind" line... love it. You did a good job and your expressiveness is top notch as usual.

bravo and thumbs up.

mercury said...

I think the 'enchantment-disenchantment'-theme gets overworked without being resolved in a content way. But if this song helps to get the guy out of your system it's alright.

Kestrel said...

"'enchantment-disenchantment'-theme gets overworked without being resolved in a content way."

Mercury you are right but unfortunately, that is the human condition... especially for younger people LOL

me said...

Unfortunately it is one of those times in life where a parent ~ through their own experiences of life and love ~ wish that they could help and advise with these problems ~ but we must all live and learn through our own mistakes. It is certainly not easy to watch though, from any angle!

Great song Holly ~ and a great way to put the emotions to rest.

mercury said...

@Kestrel If it's true what you said (and I don't doubt it), we are forced to look deeper into this 'matter'. It's something strange about the whole thing. We get enchanted, knowing, that we will be disenchanted sooner or later. This must lead into a deep distrust of being enchanted, but on the other hand, without being enchanted, we are losing all of our strength and motivation. No way out!!! 'Pure Vernunft darf niemals siegen, wir brauchen dringend neue L├╝gen' (Tocotronic)

This poem of Hermann Hesse came into my mind:


As every blossom wilts and every youth yield to age
blooms every step of life, and every wisdom and every virtue
in its time and shall not last.
At every step in life must the heart
be prepared for loss and new beginnings,
with courage and without sorrow
in others, to offer new attachments/bonds.
And in every beginning there is a magic,
that protects us and helps us to live.
We should cheerfully stride from place to place
without attachment to any one or nation.
The world's spirit shall not make us captive,
but will lift us from step to step, onwards.
Scarcely as we are come into life
and are finally at home, then threatens loss of vigor.
Only those who are ready to depart and travel,
may be comfortable with this.
It will perhaps that the hour of our death
will show us yet new possibilities.
Life's call shall not end.
Therefore, my heart, grasp both the farewell and with it be well.

TV said...

You really know how to write an angry song :D

TV said...

Oh, one more thingy: Holly, would you join Google+? I'd like to add you there.

xenonrush said...

I always thought Hermann Hesse was a bit verbose. Samuel Taylor Coleridge just said "To meet, to know, to love and then to part, Is the sad tale of many a human heart.

Like Kestrel I just love "If your feet are as small as your mind it'll take a long time." Put a big smile on my face.
And you look great. :)