Sunday, 1 May 2011

Thinkings. Thoughts. That's the one.

The end of my holidays are nearing and after putting the video on it's now back to the coursework! I'm loving being home and am already looking forward to the summer holidays! It won't be long before I'm back really...I have some exams/deadlines at Uni...but my first year at Uni should end on June 2nd. :)

I have really enjoyed my first year at Uni...I'm glad I chose to go, although I do miss the Isle of Wight and the people on it very much. I guess it sounds a bit cheesy, but I've learnt a lot about myself and life in general, as well as other people. Even though I love the Island, I sort of feel that I've been a bit sheltered from a lot of things...and I know that I'm quite naive. But now I feel like my naivety is more of a choice. I prefer to enjoy the simple things and ignore the pessimism. It doesn't mean that I wander round with my head in the clouds, ignorant to just means that I'd rather look to be inspired and enchanted than to seek out and exacerbate things to moan about.

Anyhow...I'd better go and get some breakfast!

Speak to you soon. xxxxx


mercury said...

I often think of the island, your concert, the dinosaurs, the wind and rain at the Needles, the raving buses, the woman who was hit by a car at Ryde, the pubs ...,there must be an Isle of Wight cavern in my brain now.

Larry said...

What a joy living and growing is. Have a wonderful summer! :)

Tony said...

The thing I liked most about Uni was the learning. Not just my studies though they were fun but the glimpse of a world much bigger than I had known.

There isn't too much wrong with the occasional foray with the head in clouds either. Sometimes there is rain and lightning but you occasionally trip over rainbows too :)

Have fun

mercury said...

I never regarded you Holly as a naive. Someone, who made poems like you did at the age of 16, could not be regarded as naive at all: never, ever. I consider a masque of naivity corresponding with an enormous amount of reflexivity.