Friday, 6 May 2011

If You Should Go

Howdy :)

Here's a track that I've been working on for my Pop Harmony Coursework. - I was just wondering what you thought of it?...A kind of jazzy song...

This is actually my second (and final!) attempt at a piece for this coursework. My first attempt was slightly rubbish. I may try to polish it a tad and post it at some point so you can hear its rubbish-ness.

Anyhow - any comments would be muchly appreciated. (Good or otherwise. ;))

Lots of love xxxxx

If You Should Go by hollykirby


Larry said...

Sorry I do not know how to be much of a music critic. My first impression was, "Wow"! Your voice sounds so crystal clear and beautiful. The way it 'holds' and 'trails of during the higher notes is awesome. Another thought that came to mind was, 'This sounds very professional'. Do not ask me what that is supposed to mean. It just came.

It sounds a bit 'different' and is very exciting to me. I like it a lot.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)

Larry said...

Correction: That should be "holds' and 'trails off'..


Kestrel said...

I loved it.. sounds good to me.

reminded me more of music from the continent, say France, than your usual more celtic sound.

I have to say that if the first attempt isn't "rubbish" most of the time then you aren't being perfectionist enough. The difference between amateur and professional, is in the redos!

mercury said...

Deine Stimme kommt bei diesem Song extrem gut rüber. Gefällt mir sehr, auch der Tango passt gut zum Text.

Tony said...

Hi Holly,
That was a lovely haunting song and I loved the bass runnning through it but you want the truth good or bad and I just felt that it needed something like a horn or sax in parts.
Nothing bad to say about your voice which was as always superb.

Wish you lots of luck with the project and I'm sure you will get the great marks all your stuff deserves.

Sixgun_bill said...


I'm just an old country bumpkin stuck in the middle of the Great American Desert. I was brought up knowing there are only two types of music.....Bluegrass & Country! So my view may be a little shaded, so to speak. I find your music fresh and usually very upbeat. This is a little different; I can hear your dark mood and desire. I love contrast, so I really enjoyed listening to this song. It’s so sad, so beautiful, and just a tad sexy. I can imagine hearing it in late one night in a smoke filled cantina. (not easy for me to imagine, I don’t like smoke:-)

Anyway keep up the great work. Your number one fan from Oklahoma….Sixgun Bill.

me said...

I totally agree with all the comments H :)
It took a couple of listens to get my head around the very different genre (although your other Soundcloud piece ~ Rain on the Avenue ~ had a similar feel). It reminded me of the old black and white films with Jazz singers in smoke filled clubs too ~ or am I giving away my age ;-)
Good luck with your marks ~ I know how much work goes into these pieces *yawn* ;-) xxx

mercury said...

It would be interesting to free the term 'lie' from its 'including', fixating, redirected colour and expand it into an expressive, wall breaking one.

mercury said...

Which colour?

me said...

You've lost me again mercury :S Very deep! :)

mercury said...

For instance climbing fences, and dancing...LOL

mercury said...

That's it:

Forscher: Lügen haben in Wahrheit weder kurze Beine noch eine lange Nase, sondern kreative Hirnstrukturen

Zwei Forscher wollen die Wahrheit über das Lügen herausgefunden haben. Demnach neigen kreative Menschen mehr zu unethischem Verhalten wie Lügen und Betrügen als der Rest der Welt. Baron von Münchhausen konnte also so gut lügen, weil er eigentlich ein Kreativer war, genauso wie Felix Krull oder Pinocchio.

Die Forscher Francesca Gino von der Harvard University und Dan Ariely von der Duke University, der übrigens auch das Buch „Denken hilft zwar, nutzt aber nichts“ geschrieben hat, haben zum Thema Lügen und Betrügen ihre wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse veröffentlicht.

mercury said...

Here is the abstract in English combined with the :

Creativity is a common aspiration for individuals, organizations, and societies. Here, however,
we test whether creativity increases dishonesty. We propose that a creative personality and
creativity primes promote individuals’ motivation to think outside the box and that this increased
motivation leads to unethical behavior. In four studies, we show that participants with creative
personalities who scored high on a test measuring divergent thinking tended to cheat more
(Study 1); that dispositional creativity is a better predictor of unethical behavior than intelligence
(Study 2); and that participants who were primed to think creatively were more likely to behave
dishonestly because of their creativity motivation (Study 3) and greater ability to justify their
dishonest behavior (Study 4). Finally, a field study constructively replicates these effects and
demonstrates that individuals who work in more creative positions are also more morally flexible
(Study 5). The results provide evidence for an association between creativity and dishonesty,
thus highlighting a dark side of creativity.

mercury said...

... address of the PDF-File of the complete treatise.

Uncle Tim said...

Really interesting French-style song - sounds like it belongs in a black-and-white French movie.

lol @ Mercury. It's all in the definition: for example, what does "unethical" mean? No society, over any period of time, keeps to a consistent definition of that!

mercury said...

Yes,there is something existencialistic French in this song.
But where is it? In a Argentian dance saloon. Could it be placed in Finnland, where Tango is quite vivid.
There is also gypsy passion in this song, pain and a little bit anger, salt and Carmen's fate in the arena sand.

xenonrush said...

Lovely. I could imagine you playing late night in a dimly lit club/bar with a single spot light and a very attentive audience. I agree with Tony that a little bit of sax would sound good in the background at a few points. I'm thinking of something like the sax in Hazel O'Connor's "Will You" which I have always loved.
Your coursework tutor is in for a real treat - again.

xenonrush said...

It would go well on a CD with Rain on the Avenue.

Uncle Tim said...

I agree with xeno...

mercury said...

I agree with Uncle Tim

"La Vida de Perro" Rich's Excellent Adventure in Paradise said...

I live in the land of Salsa - I think you might enjoy giving it a go.

David Ruben said...

This is a lovely piece, and I've enjoyed repeatedly listening to it. I'm again struck how versitile your song writing and singing styles can be, this is so different (in a nice way) from your other pieces and as Kestrel observes away from the more typical trans-irish sea influence. My first thought was of Katie Melua, and the change in quality of tone that comes from singing in a lower resister (such as If You Were A Sailboat), my second of the introspective aspect of kd lang's songs (e.g. Trail Of Broken Hearts or Season Of Hollow Soul)

David said...

This song has such depth Holly, a very beautiful work here. Your coursework is really helping to add to your already fine talent.