Friday, 11 March 2011

Howdy :)

Hello everyone :)

I just thought I'd do a little blog to say hello! :)

I've been quite busy with composing and lectures recently. - We've got some deadlines coming up in the not too distant future which I'm working towards.

I've also got another gig in Chancellors on March 27th, which should be fun. :)

- There's another video to come this month too. :) - I haven't forgotten my one a month thing!

It's not long until the Easter break now. - 4 weeks off! - on the lovely Isle of Wight. :) - OOH! Also, I'm playing at the Gosport and Fareham Easter Festival! which should be very fun. :) It's organised by the same people who do Wickham Festival. :) - Another lovely one.

Aside from the work, (which is actually quite fun) Uni is good. :) We've had lovely weather recently, which makes everything that much better. My room is slightly messy (sorry Mum!) and I really need to go to the laundrette, but I haven't had to cook bean on crumb yet! :P I'm a posh student, I have herb plants on my window sill and everything! Though I think I might've drowned them...

Anyway - messy room = creative mode!...Which can't be a bad thing. I've spent the past few days doing recording. - I wrote a little song about the sunshine for my coursework. - I haven't finished it yet, but I was planning on putting it on Soundcloud/YouTube for you to hear/see...but I haven't submitted it yet, so I'd better not as our lecturers are online...unless I specifically ask this particular lecturer...

Anyhow. I'd better get back to it! ;)


Holly xxxxxxxx

P.S - I'm really loving Tanita Tikaram at the mo so I'll leave you with one of her songs. :)
P.P.S - She was only 19 here. :-O

...and then this. *Please note* - I think Tanita is thoroughly brilliant - but I think that this is rather funny...

...and what she's really like!...


Larry said...

You are sounding lovely and chipper. Cannot wait to hear another song. Glad the weather is good there. That seems to always help things. Spring is surely in the air now and it will not be much longer til we have the summer.

I got a chuckle about your drowning the plants, lol. I know you are going to really enjoy the spring break on the island.

Oh, another Tanita fan. I love her! I got Ancient Heart when it first came out and it remains one of my favorites. She is a friend on FB too. lol

Take care and, have a wonderful spring! :)

H said...

Hi Larry! :) How are you?

I think that spring is very nearly here. :) - There's a tree outside my window with lovely pink blossom buds on that are on the brink of opening. :)

My plants were looking a bit sorry for themselves because I hadn't watered them for a while, so I gave them water this morning and it was gone within about 5 minutes! - so I topped them up again and now they're sitting in the water looking sorry for themselves again. :( Oh dear.

Tanita is fab. :D I've known about her for a while, but have only just become a mega fan! Lol. I bought Ancient Heart on vinyl quite a while ago, and now I'm so glad that I did! That's very cool that she's a Facebook friend! :)

You take care too - and have a brilliant spring. :) xxx

Larry said...


mercury said...

We'll have a sunny day tomorrow. Hilde and I will have a little ride with a hired car. 'Frühling lässt sein blaues Band wieder flattern durch die Lüfte...'
Tanita is somebody special. It was love at first listening (like Holly). I remember 'Twist In My Sobriety' in German TV in 1988. I also adore her lyrics.

Trevor said...

Forget the messy room , Holly , just talk to the lecturer----a Sunshine song is just what I need ! Here comes the Sun ......I hope :)

David Ruben said...

Holly I can but agree Tanita is a true treasure, and much underrated. After her first two albums, I think her standout songs (well the ones I repeatedly listen to) are Only The Ones We Love from the 1991 'Everybody's Angel', and I Might Be Crying from 'Lovers in the City' 1995. Both these have beautiful backing vocals arranged by Jennifer Warnes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm another Tanita Tikaram fan, and my favourite album of hers is "The Sweet Keeper", very little of which finds itself uploaded to YouTube, curiously enough. Favourite songs on the album are "Consider The Rain" and "Harm in Your Hand"....Glenn, aka yizhivika.