Monday, 31 January 2011

Rain on the Avenue

Hello everyone :)

I know that I haven't given you much music recently, so here's a song that I wrote and performed for my harmony coursework...

The requirements were to write a piece of diatonic music, whilst trying to fit in some of these features...

7th chords
Secondary dominants
Tritone Substitutions (didn't manage this one)

It's called 'Rain on the Avenue'...please let me know what you think! :)


P.S - There are some more originals in the pipeline, but I have a cold at the moment so can't record them. :( Doh.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

From the moving train...

I'm currently having a little break from Uni.

Examinations week...well...fortnight, is happening at the mo...and I've done my one exam! So I've decided to pop home for a few days.

The past few weeks have been a bit tough and I felt like I needed to get away for a bit. I think I'm going to go for a walk tomorrow.

I've been writing beginnings of songs and then not being able to finish them because my feelings have changed halfway through.

I took the train and then the boat back to the Island. Even though I get nervous about travelling alone, I enjoy the thinking time that I get.

I think about the people at the station, I think about the things that we pass as I look out the window...

Today, after we had left the station I looked out the train window and saw some interesting things.

I saw a little cottage. - Derelict - the roof had collapsed, and it was about the size of a room. It sat neatly within the hillside, surrounded by trees with broken branches, and their silhouettes were emphasised by a very grey, wintery sky.

It was a sorry sight, and I only saw it for about a second, but the image was so enchanting that my mind couldn't help but fill it with colour.

I wondered who had lived in the little house and whether children played in the branches of the trees, or just one person lived there to escape from existence. It must have been a very secluded place to be...and I guess the seclusion would have been emphasised by the constant passing of trains...

The trains keep going, but you're not on board.

Looking at this cottage from the train I felt quite peaceful...I was picturing this scene, but I was moving. I was not a part of it. I was travelling...moving forward...and I felt good about this.

Even though the past few weeks have been tough, they have been necessary. I have learnt from them, and I know which direction I am going in. Forward. I will be Holly - and I will keep discovering who she is.

As someone said to me recently: Life is a journey, you can't be static.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Do you have to feel?

I'm really enjoying my course at University. However...

A lot of the composing tasks entail composing Electronic Music.

Creative Music Technology.

The course title kind of suggests it really.

The thing is that I've never really listened to much electronic music. There are elements of it in the music that I do listen to, but it's very rarely a piece set within the Electronic Music genre. - So needless to say, I'm finding composing in that genre quite difficult.

I haven't yet found an Electronic piece of music which really makes me feel something...I enjoy Brian Eno's ambient music, but it's not a style that I'd like to compose in.

Last night I decided that I'd look around some Electronic Music forums, trying out recommended artists to find some inspiration. Whilst browsing I came across a thread with the title 'most emotional piece of electronic music ever?' - which appealed to I clicked to enter.

A few people had posted suggestions which I listened to, and then I scrolled down a little more to find this...

'I don't really think of music as being emotional, but I like this piece...'

...and it made me think a bit. I've never thought of music as being separate from emotion. I like a piece because it makes me feel something. I don't have to identify that emotion to be able to like the piece. It's just a little something inside you that is ignited by a certain sound.

(I was wondering what people think about this...emotion not playing a part in defining your listening choices...)

So far, that little something inside of me hasn't been ignited by any piece of Electronic Music...and I think that's why I'm finding it difficult. Because I haven't been able to connect with any piece emotionally, I feel like I'm walking around without any sense of direction.

The fact that I'm pretty much a beginner with the equipment and compositional technologies doesn't help me much.

I guess that all I need to do is practise and keep listening...

I've been thinking of doing my more creative electronic stuff under a different name...and I was wondering - please would it be ok for you to help me find one?

Just as an idea, here are few electronic artist names are...

Aphex Twin

I don't know...what do you think?